Free Trade Zone VIP Packages (FTZVIP)

Looking to set up you Chinese business in a special free trade zone?

Heard the benefits and want to make moves to make it a reality. Global From Asia’s full service company setup will give you the VIP treatment so you get things done right from start to finish!


Why The Free Trade Zone May be Best For You

Wondering why you should go with a free trade zone based company incorporation instead of a “normal Chinese district/city”? There are many incentives (which we discuss at length on blog posts) which can be summarized as :


Lower corporate tax

Ease of importing goods into Mainland China for later sales and distribution

Ability to open a Wechat official Account

Get a Chinese hosting package and ICP

All the other benefits of a Chinese company – with lower taxes and more incentives.

How Does It Work?

So how does the FTZVIP package work? Let’s go through it step by step:

  • Step 1: Decide Which Free Trade Zone (or a non-FTZ)

    In China there are multiple free trade zones to choose from throughout the country. Which one is right for you? We will work together to find it, and may even decide it’s better to set up outside of the free trade zones. We have your best interest in mind when consulting you.

  • Step 2: Company Name search

    The first step is finding the right name for your business. We can help make suggestions for you in both English and Chinese. Then we will ensure that the name is available in the free trade zone you are choosing.

  • Step 3: Office Address

    You will need an official address in the free trade zone you are doing business in. We can assist you with this process and have options for you.

  • Step 4: Filing Company Incorporation

    Next we need to get through all the paperwork. We will make this process as smooth as possible, in English, with logic and clear procedures behind it. We work alongside you to decide the best structure, should you personally be owners in the company or should there be parent companies overseas involved?

  • Step 5: Preparing Bank application

    Once the company is established, we will work alongside you for the bank account application. We need to make sure it is prepared in advance with all supporting documents.

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