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Have questions about Hong Kong bookkeeping and accounting? Want to talk to a specialized, certified CPA about your specific needs and goals?

Want to know if you are doing things right? How to best optimize your bookkeeping and tax strategies, both in Hong Kong and globally?

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“I know how many questions people have when learning about Hong Kong and international taxes. We opened this service to allow you direct access to qualified Hong Kong CPAs.”

Mike Michelini
Host, Global From Asia podcast

How Does It Work?

Get the personal advice and help you need for your Hong Kong corporate tax situation, without the headaches.

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We know you’re busy and you don’t want to deal with cash and bank transfers. Global From Asia has Paypal and Credit card, and will take care of payment to the CPA locally. You’ll be amazed at how many don’t use online payment solutions!

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After completing your purchase, you will be shown a calendar where you can find a time that works for you. Please note that this will be on GMT + 8 (Hong Kong) timezone.

Send in Your Questions

Send over your questions to our customer support team and we’ll assign you the CPA who can handle your case.

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We will arrange the online call, most of the time by Skype. Depending on the CPA and your needs, this may change to make everyone comfortable and the call the most effective possible.

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That is it! We know this is an exciting service and will avoid a lot of hassle searching online, reading dead end blog posts, and getting emails unanswered.

Let our network and relationships with Hong Kong CPAs give you the benefit you need.

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