Do You Want to Be a Guest on the Global From Asia Show?

We are always looking for great guests on the Global From Asia show and would love to consider you for the show. There are a couple things we are looking for in new shows, so please keep this in mind and submit the form below:

About Our Audience – Our listeners are entrepreneurs. A bit more experienced, running their own business for a few years and expanding to global markets. Primarily males with North American or European origin, many living outside of their home country. Its an English language show, although quite a few have English as a second language, either having an Asian or European language as their primary. They are are all well read, and take their business and life matters in their own hands.

Theme / Topic for the show – We need to find a good angle for the show. Its not about promoting your new book or service to the audience, but instead about teaching them some new tactic or skill. What is a current event or news in the industry you can share with us?

Basic Outline of Discussion points – Once you have an angle for the show, outline a few discussion points for the show so we can get some inspiration to build on. We may modify, delete, and/or expand on these, but in the past having this upfront has helped a ton.

Your business background – Give us an overview of you as a business person and what you have been doing in your career. How will this be relevant to the topic we are discussing and the type of audience we are talking to.

Other notes – Once you complete the above fields in the form below, you can also give us some other notes. Maybe if you’re a listener of the show, or were referred by someone. You can also be submtting this on behalf of someone else that you think would be a great guest on the show.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the show, whether we are able to get you on the show or not, its your willingness to come on that helps the show continue to have amazing content and guests.