7-Figure Seller Summit: Learn The Secrets From The 7-Figure Sellers Themselves

Looking at those Amazon and E-commerce entrepreneurs hitting at least 7-figures in revenues, you can’t help but wonder how they’re doing it. You might want to know a tip or two from an expert. All the more a treat it will be if you have over 20 experts share their secrets on how they became a 7-figure seller. That’s what the 7-Figure Seller Summit will bring you.

What is this event all about?

The 7-Figure Seller Summit is organized and hosted by Gary Huang, the founder of 80/20 Sourcing. The summit gathers 7-figure sellers in one online event to share how they created, scaled and sold their Amazon and E-commerce businesses. Secrets and insights especially on selling over a million dollars of your products shall be shared by the speakers on the summit. There will be over 20 sessions in a span of 5-days in this free for a limited time online event.

When is this happening?

This online event will be happening on January 20 – 24, 2020.

How will the event go?

What is unique with the 7-Figure Seller Summit is that it is structured in 5 parts where the approach is one main topic shall be the focus of the designated speakers of each day. Hence, it shall be structured in 5 parts:

January 20, 2020 – MINDSET

Learn the habits of these 7-figure sellers and how they manage their time and keep their focus to scale their businesses.

  • Tim Jordan, Hickory Flats and Private Label Legion CEO and Founder
  • CJ Rosenbaum, Founder & Attorney at Law, Amazon Sellers Lawyer
  • Jason Vander Griendt, CEO, J – CAD Inc.
  • Brandon Dupsky, Owner, OnFair Inc.
January 21, 2020 – SCALING YOUR BUSINESS

On this day, speakers will talk about how you can scale your business from being say, a 6-figure to 8-figure; different strategies on how to launch your products and launch them quickly; how to grow internationally and many more.

  • John Cavendish, Co-Founder , FBA Frontiers
  • Alex and Jerry Mills
  • Nick Katz, The Japan Guy
  • Gaston Liang, Founder, The LGG Corp.

You will learn all about marketing your brands through Facebook Ads, Facebook Lives, Amazon sponsored search, AMS and many more.

  • Zan Shaikh, Owner, Gadget Goose and Bright Vision LLC
  • Stefano Starkel,Co-Founder, Zon.Tools
  • John Lawson, Author, IBM Ecommerce Futurist and Ebay Influencer
  • Robyn Johnson, CEO and Founder, Marketplace Blueprint and Best From The Nest
January 23, 2020 – PROFITABILITY

Speakers will share their insights on how you can manage your cashflow, augment your income and minimize cost so you can operate profitably. You will also learn how to add more value to your business to prepare you should you decide to sell it in the future.

  • Dave Bryant, Co-Founder, Ecomcrew
  • Richard Ren, Founder and CEO, amzyunying.com
  • Justin Chen, Co-Founder, PickFu
  • Rahul Chawla,Senior Business Development Manager, QIMA
  • Anna Hill, Founder, CPA, Accounting We Will Go

Learn how to build your business and raise its value with the intent to sell it to potential buyers. Speakers will share the Dos and Don’ts in selling your business; trends in business that are selling now; and what may happen before, during and after the sale or negotiations.

  • Mike Jackness
  • Coran Woodmass, Founder & Managing Partner, The FBA Broker
  • Nate Ginsburg, Founder, SellerPlex
  • Mike Michellini, Director of Business Development, Alpha Rock Capital

Want to know more about the 7-Figure Seller Summit?

The line-up of speakers and the topics might have caught your interest. But if you want to know more about the online event or if you are convinced and would want to reserve your spot, you can go to the event website here:


7-Figure Seller Summit: Learn The Secrets From The 7-Figure Sellers Themselves
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