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KeyWorx: A High Accuracy and Efficiency Amazon Software

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KeyWorx was primarily built to fulfill your needs in the market. Individual entrepreneurs had a difficult time on how to reliably track and manage their keywords. There were no available case studies, trainings, tutorials that can help these individuals on how to efficiently and accurately rank in Amazon. But, everything changed when KeyWorx arrived. It gave the entrepreneurs an idea of what works and what does not work in the efforts to scale in the market.

A rank checker of their software on Amazon tracks and reports on the position of organic keywords. Moreover, it shows the keywords that made the most amount of sales. These tools provide a high accuracy and efficiency in marketing for keywords.

Be with KeyWorx on your business agenda, they will allow you to reinvest, replicate, and scale on the marketing strategies that they know best would work for your business. Do not drain your resources on working with strategies that only breaks your scale.

KeyWorx is an Organic Keyword Rankings Software

It is essential to track the organic keyword rankings, it enables your business to go to the top. The most relevant keywords in the top results scales your business to long term profits from Amazon. Thus, KeyWorx have their rankings software that automatically tracks and reverse engineers the marketing and promotional techniques that helps increase the organic ranking of your Amazon products.

Data-driven Case Studies of KeyWorx

KeyWorx upholds their most important tool, their vault case studies. They do not accommodate second guesses, opinions, or gurus. What they utilize is the techniques that works and discard what does not work. These strategies are based on a non-bias, tracked tests.

Why is this beneficial to you? This is a community where they share information about the newest trend on Amazon SEO and marketing. You will not be left behind on those old methods. Each important element in scaling your Amazon business– keyword placements, duplicated contents, PPC, search terms, the sales from the internal organic search and the external organic search, and what more are being strategically enhanced with their case studies.

How much is the monthly pricing of KeyWorx?

You can start a 14-day FREE trial with KeyWorx to find out if their product works perfectly for you. All of the pricing package includes these three major features:

  • An access to the team of Amazon Experts of KeyWorx.
  • Authenticated pass for the Amazon rank tracker provided by KeyWorx.
  • A case study vault access

Pricing starts at $27 per month, it is inclusive of up to 200 keywords. If you wish to have access on more than 200 keywords, here is the list of prices and the corresponding number of keywords:

Per Month Payment

Number of Keywords


500 keywords


1000 keywords


2500 keywords


5000 keywords

But, there is more, you can also choose to customize the number of keywords. Simply get in touch with KeyWorx team and discuss the medium of your choice.

Select one of their plans now, and get the outstanding results in no time. Save your time and money with their smart tracking and analytics process.

Why utilize KeyWorx for your Amazon?

Why? Because simply they are the number one Amazon Rank Tracking Tool. Now, that really says a lot. KeyWorx analyzes the organic rankings of any products continuously over time. You really need to utilize KeyWorx for your Amazon business to determine the single element that builds automated and makes your Amazon business passive– the organic keyword rankings.

What makes KeyWorx better is it is not a downloadable tool, it uses a cloud-base solution that allows you to login anytime and anywhere with the use of your data.

If you have an account with KeyWorx, what are you waiting for? Login and use their Amazon Product Tracking Software to enhance the scale of your sales. Click the button below to sign up with KeyWorx, and start with their 14-day FREE trial.


KeyWorx: A High Accuracy and Efficiency Amazon Software
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