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BidX Tool is trusted by over a hundred of companies! Some of these companies are HEEY, babalino, Happy Coffee, ameo, and MoveSell. Everything gets better and easier when you use BidX Tool on all the marketplaces available in Amazon.

What is BidX Tool?

BidX Tool is a machine learning automation that automatically distributes the budget to high performing ads. It uses a smart analysis based on Click Through Rate and Conversions. It has a smart keyword management that automatically corresponds to ad groups for each SKU in the country. Moreover, it manage the keywords and negative keywords.

It regulates to optimize bids. It makes the most customized rules to prevent from wasting the budget and starts allocating the budget to ads with high performance. All of the KPIs are visualized. There is no need for complicated spreadsheet analysis and pivot tables. The campaign performances are now visualized and monitored persistently.

BidX Tool analyzes search terms. It does an in-depth data advertisements. In this method, it discovers a profitable search terms directly to all of your available accounts. Nevertheless, they value history. Valuable bid history stores all the changes made. Changes made in the Seller Central or a third party application are all saved.

To Whom is BidX tool for?

BidX Tool is for:

  • Sellers who manages the keywords and bids using the automation.

  • Vendors who controls the AMS Sponsored Product Ads and the HSAs Automatically.
  • Agencies to automate all of the customer’s ad reports.

What are the Functions of BidX Tool?

When you hear the name BidX Tool, what goes in our mind is a fully optimized advertisement seen on all the marketplaces in Amazon. Moreover, it helps the company reach at its top performance.

Magics become true with BidX Tool! Sometimes, data overwhelms us. You thought that you have done everything. However, there are opportunities that can only be recognized by a data driven algorithm.

You do not have to worry about this. BidX has a neural net that clusters and identifies automatically the opportunities seen in the data. The right bid are allocated, and add keywords or negative keywords that corresponds to the ad group structure.

In Amazon, it has been a practice to create a manual and automated campaign for each product in your eStore. Starting on that point, you have to keep track of the keyword management and the negative keyword management.

BidX Tool helps you set up a structure that corresponds with the ad groups. Thus, in this case we automatically analyze all the possible campaigns for syntax identifier to determine the ad groups that matches and keeps track of the works. Moreover, BidX helps in automatically checking and adjusting the naming syntax.

We hate to admit but it gives pressure to create rules for some time-consuming adjustments. We ask ourselves how to generate more money from the Amazon ads with less work. In BidX, there is a built customized rule wherein all of the other requirements are included. There are no limits on which school to apply, you have to be careful with what keywords should be excluded and should be included to fulfill the requirements. Optimizing is compatible will Seller Central and Sponsored Product Ads from AMS.

We are lucky about today. Bullies have now been ignored. BidX automatically analyzes the performance data, search terms, keywords and bids. Amazon accounts are managed, simple, smart, and efficient.

It was a hassle to download bulk files just to manage and monitor the search items. This goes the same with the SKU performance. BidX Tool helps us to work. Have an in-depth research with the advertising data, organize and manage them, and discover a profitable search terms that directs to your house. The data are from the Seller Central and for AMS with Headline Search Ads.

With the stored history, you can compare the past performance data to the present performance data. This implies a better future and decision making for the future. Amazon discards the old bids when you change it. However, BidX tool explains the past of BidX. The changes were made in the Seller Central or by a third party application. Discover how differently the bids are affected by the ACoS, impressions, clicks, conversion rate, and sales.

How Much is the BidX Pricing?

We recommend you to try their 14-day trial to help you choose which plan is right for you.

Let us first discuss the monthly subscription plans.


It does not cost anything. ‎€0! This is the most simple yet powerful way to jumpstart your business. It may be free but it includes the following features:

  • Up to 200 Keywords
  • Up to 10 Rules
  • Mail Support
  • Preview Adjustments
  • Daily Check
  • Adjustment Logs
  • Campaign Browser


This subscription plan will cost you ‎€29 each month or €290 each year. But, unlike the free subscription it has now more keywords and unlimited rules. The subscription plan includes the following features:

  • Up to 2,000 Keywords
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Premium Support
  • Adjustments Preview
  • Daily Check
  • Adjustment Logs
  • Campaign Browser


This subscription plan will cost you €49 each month or €490 each year. This plan can manage more products. The subscription plan has the following features:

  • Up to 20, 000 Keywords
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Premium Support
  • Adjustments Preview
  • Daily Check
  • Adjustment Logs
  • Campaign Browser

An enterprise solution is available for those who have more than 20,000 keywords. BidX Tool reminds you that all of the prices reflected are excluded with VAT

Special offer for GFA Readers:

Use the code ‘GLADIATOR‘ when selecting a plan too receive 1 Month for FREE in addition to the 14 days trial.


Really nice tool!

BidX saves me a lot of time and does a great job to my PPC campaigns!
- Ville Uuskoski

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