Offshore Escape 2020: Moving Your Business, Investments & Life Offshore In 2020

Have you ever thought about moving overseas? Building a new life out there, investing and moving your business to wherever the tide takes you?

If that has been in the works for quite some time now, you must probably know that it’s not an easy path to take. However, it is one that is not impossible to do especially if you have experts to guide you.

This is exactly what Offshore Escape 2020 Online Summit has to offer.

What is this event all about?

The Offshore Escape 2020 is an Online Summit that gathers 26+ offshore experts with decades of experience in asset protection, wealth generation, tax law and many more. Hosted by Mikkel Thorup, best-selling author, international speaker and a veteran of the offshore and expat space, the online event has an overarching theme of “Moving Your Business, Investment & Life Offshore in 2020”.

Topics on the online summit will revolve around the following:

✔ Investing Offshore (Make Money Abroad)
✔ Asset Protection (Protecting What’s Yours)
✔ International Real Estate (Own Property Abroad)
✔ Immigration (Second Passports)
✔ Expat Lifestyle (How To Live Overseas)
✔ And many more

When and where is this happening?

Offshore Escape 2020 is an online summit which will happen starting June 1st to 5th, 2020. You will gain access to five sessions per day of the summit featuring known experts in the field of offshore and expat life.

Who should attend the Offshore Escape 2020 Online Summit?

If you are someone who has desired to live overseas, build a business there and gain personal freedom, then this could be the summit you are looking for.

How much would it cost to attend?

If you wish to watch the speakers with their presentations live on June 1st to 5th, the summit is FREE.

However, if you find the presentations very interesting and you would want a lifetime access to all the recorded presentations and a lot more bonuses, you can upgrade to a VIP ticket.

Want to attend? You can register here.

Who will speak at the summit?

Offshore experts will be speaking at the summit and sharing their decades of experience, insights and knowledge that can help you in your own journey to the expat life.

John Perkins

Founder, Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance

Moving From A Death Economy To A Life Economy


Managing Director, Global Wealth Protection

Tax and Residency Solutions for Digital Nomads


CCO, SIMCA Developments

How To Invest In Mexican Real Estate For Profit

Christoph Heuermann

Freedom Coach, Tax Free Today

The Perpetual Nomad: How to Maximize Your Freedom By Minimizing Taxes, Paperwork, and Risk

Mike Cobb

CEO, ECI Development

The Massive Mistakes We Make When We Buy Property Overseas And Three Simple Ways to Avoid Them

Rachel Jensen

VP of Business Development, Teak Hardwoods

Profit Generationally from Teak, a Globally In-Demand Asset

Rich Checkan

President, Asset Strategies International

Gold… Fake News or Proven Performer

Vincenzo Villamena

Founder, The Online Taxman

Tax Strategies for U.S. Expats and Investors Abroad

Warren Black

Offshore Tax and Wealth Protection Specialist, Wealthsafe

How To Be A Sovereign Individual FAST

Gill Phelan

Founder, Grand View Estates Costa Rica

The Last Frontier In Costa Rica

Joel Nagel

Founder and Managing Partner, Nagel & Associates, LLC

Global Asset Protection for a Dangerous World

Marc Clair

Co-founder, Lions of Liberty

What I Learned From Interviewing Hundreds of Freedom-Loving Individuals

John Palumbo

Global Investor, Beachfront Offers

How to Spot an Undervalued Market in International Real Estate

Kirk Chisholm

Wealth Manager, Innovative Advisory Group

Creating Financial Resilience In A World Of Uncertainty

Luigi Wewege

Senior VP, Caye International Bank

Why Belize Is The Best Offshore Banking Jurisdiction In The World

Paul Rosenberg

Founder, Crypto Hippie

Why You Must Protect Your Data Offshore… And How To Do It

Annethe Castillo

Vice President of Business, Dawcas Ideas Renovables, S.A.

Permanent Residency In Panama

Chris Temple

Founder and Editor, National Investor

Building Your Economic Lifeboat

Olly Richards

Founder, Olly Richards Publishing Limited

Why You Need To Learn The Local Language… and how to do it FAST

Pete Sisco

Co-Founder, Safely Leave The Rat Race

Portable Income: The Key to Unlock the Offshore & Expat Lifestyle

Laszlo Kiss

Founder and Managing Director, Discus Holdings

European Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Mike Brown

Head of Operations, Fort Kobbe Depository

Wealth and Asset Protection with Offshore Gold Storage

Evgeny Orlov

CEO, NTL Wealth

Forever Free – Your Rightful State

Tim Picciott

Wealth Advisor, Innovative Wealth

Top Things You Need To Know Before You Escape America With Highly Appreciated Assets

Eryka Gemma

CEO, Blockchain Center Miami

How To Be Your Own Bank With Bitcoin

Hector Quintana

CEO, Zen Global

The Pablo Escobar Effect – Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Colombia

Mikkel Thorup

Director, Escape Artist

Overall Host of Offshore Escape 2020

Where to register?

You can register for FREE below so you can watch the presentations live on June 1st – 5th.

There is an option there to upgrade to a VIP ticket so you can gain lifetime access to the recorded presentations plus tons of other bonuses.


Offshore Escape 2020: Moving Your Business, Investments & Life Offshore In 2020
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