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Make VAT simple with SimplyVAT

SimplyVAT provides international services such as VAT registration, VAT returns, additional reporting such as instrastate and EC Sales List to many countries.

SimplyVAT’s remarkable and top-of-the-line services is available in the following countries:

Australian GST









Canadian GST






Czech Republic


South Africa















With SimplyVat, VAT registration are made simple for the absolute comfort of users.

What is in SimplyVAT?

EU Based Online Retailers

Selling goods online to customers in other European countries will require compulsory VAT registration if your sales exceed certain VAT Registration Thresholds which differ from country to country.

Non-EU Based Online Retailers

If you are based outside the EU, you can elect whether you or your customer is the ‘importer of record’ [who the importer of the goods actually is and therefore who is responsible for the import charges]. If you make your customer the ‘importer of record’, your customer will be responsible for all import charges relating to the purchase. Many sellers experience large volumes of returns when shocked customers refuse to take delivery of their purchases because of unexpected import charges applied to the delivery of their item.

If you choose to be the ‘importer of record’ as the seller, rather than your customer, you should VAT register in the first European country where your goods land. Thereafter, selling into Europe will be subject to the same distance selling VAT Registration Thresholds as those companies already based in Europe.

The non-EU online retailers who are voluntarily registering for VAT, experience a big fall in returns and give their customers a much better buying experience.


Non-compliance for any online retailer can lead to penalties and fines.

SimplyVAT can provide you with a VAT registration in any relevant country.


If your sales fall below the registration threshold or you cease to trade in that country you can de-register. SimplyVAT will process the deregistration for you.

Sleep tight at night with ongoing VAT compliance services

Once VAT registered, there are periodic VAT data requirements necessary to fulfil local tax authority criteria.

VAT Returns

SimplyVAT helps you by collating the required data from you and submitting it on your behalf in the relevant local language.


An Intrastat is a statistical return is used by European governments to collect information on the movement of goods between EU countries. They only want this information when sales reach or exceed set Intrastate Reporting Thresholds (which differ from VAT Registration Thresholds). Non-compliance is a criminal offence. SimplyVAT can help you meet your mandatory obligations.

Why SimplyVAT?

With SimplyVAT, customers will indeed have their best sleep at night without worries and hassle. provides efficient, expert and supportive VAT compliance services to ensure the growth of users in their own international e-commerce businesses. With SimplyVAT. Com as a trusted and reliable partner, users can surely run miles to live their dreams and lives to the fullest. has various services and features to make all things VAT-related as simple as can be.

  1.     VAT Registration

With VAT Registration, users can simply and easily register by providing a few information. It’s a hassle free registration to start up a growing international e-commerce business. The registration form with all the information needed is right at the website accessible with only just one click.

  1.     Distance Sales Checker

With the free VAT check, users can easily have access to details regarding VAT check. This is very important for retailers who sell products internationally. This feature will assess if VAT registration is required in any EU country.

It also addresses questions such related to the EU VAT Distance Selling Rules and if you are required to be VAT registered.

The rule is explained in the following paragraph:

Did you know any sales you make online to local and other EU private consumers are governed by what’s known as the EU VAT distance selling rules. The term ‘distance selling’ in the VAT world don’t relate to any sales going cross-border, they are actually a set of EU VAT rules that affect anyone selling goods online throughout the European Union.

The rules state that you charge local VAT until you exceed set thresholds. Once a distance selling threshold is exceeded in any one calendar year, you will need a VAT registration in that EU country.

SimplyVAT has a market-leading software that will help the user avoid tax authority penalties and exorbitant interest charges

Our new market-leading software platform S-VAT,  can collate and monitor all your sales data from multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

It is currently operating in seven European countries It works out where and when you will need to VAT register in each EU country. Furthermore, you will be assigned a dedicated client manager so you know someone is always there to answer your queries

  1.     Grow Your Business

SimplyVAT will also help grow your business with its various knowledge, resources and an innovative software on e-commerce.

  1.     Partners also has a powerful list of preferred ecommerce partners including the Department of International Trade, Institute of Export, WorldFirst, OFX, Shapiro, parcelHub, Intercultural Elements, Taxjar, Payoneer, FBA Frontier, Emanaged and Seller’s Choice.

  1.     VAT Resources

SimplyVAT’s VAT resources include blogs, bite-sized learning and free Ebooks. It features a wide array of readings and information on topics such as online VAT fraud from overseas sellers, expanding business to the EU, the meaning of Brexit and VAT, a sellers guide to VAT in the Netherlands and many others.

  1.     FAQs

With the Frequently Asked Questions feature, SimplyVAT explains the various concepts related to VAT in order for the retailer to have a thorough and ample knowledge and understanding on such an overwhelming concept.

In this section, questions such as the definition of VAT, how it is collected, the importance of VAT registration, the definition of VAT pack among others is given answers and comprehensive explanations.


SimplyVAT: Everything Simply Accessible for eCommerce
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