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Sonar: Free Keyword Research Tool to Maximize Business

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If you are familiar with Sellics, Sonar is its FREE Amazon Keyword Research Tool.

How does Sonar work?

The foundation of Sonar is the real search queries of Amazon shoppers, by this the foundation of Sonar became solid. The complex algorithm is utilized to look for relevant keywords. It only value Amazon search and nothing else, because they only collect those recommended keywords on Amazon.

How can Sonar help me with keyword optimization?

Simple, Sonar helps you through keyword research. All of the relevant keywords found during the search are added to the Amazon product listings.

What is the Keyword Index Checker of Sonar?

Backends keywords are now limited to 250 bytes. Thus, more than 250 characters are allowed in each field. You do not have to worry about your keywords. However, to make sure you can use Keyword Index Checker of sonar to assure that your backend keywords are not indexed.

You have to make sure that the backend keywords should not exceed by the limitation to avoid losing highly relevant organic traffic.

This Index Checker is actually amazing, it has been tested on various Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Marketplace

For now, Sonar can only provide access to Amazon US and Amazon Europe. Do not worry if your marketplace is not yet on the list! Other marketplaces will soon follow.

Why not try Sellics?

Sellics is the all-in-one solution of Sonar. It is an Amazon software designed for professional vendors and sellers just like you. Although sellics is not free like Sonar, you can subscribe monthly or annually at a competitive rate. The future of your Amazon account is guaranteed because of the following:

  • Amazon PPC: Amazon ads are optimized to increase sales and control the PPC spend.
  • Profit Dashboard: Monitor sales and profit, and calculate your profit in real time.
  • Product Review Manager: Product reviews are managed and monitored, notifications alert are provided for new product reviews.

If you want to know more about Sellics, you can read through the Sellics review. You will realize why you need an all-in-one solution for your Amazon business.


Sonar: Free Keyword Research Tool to Maximize Business
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