Optimize Your Global Business

Business Running Well, Let’s Do An International Checkup

October, 2017 – Shenzhen, China

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What You’ll Learn


Restructuring International Cashflow. We have our businesses running, but is it optimized and flowing where it should?


Surveying For Expansion. How to tap into your current customers to grow to the next level.


Spinning off non-core assets. Remember all those projects at the beginning? What do you do with them once you found your focus.

Team Management

Global team management. Transitioning teams as the company has grown is a delicate situation.

Let’s Do An International Business Checkup

Your Business Has Grown, Have You?

Oh the joys of having a global empire. It of course has its amazing perks (travel, meeting great people around the world), but of course has its tradeoffs. Or, as the saying goes “more money, more problems”.

In this seminar, we work with business owners who have grown a global business and want to see if they have everything optimized. Review corporate structures, look at their team organization chart, check up on how the management team is doing. Once we see our operations are doing ok, the next stage of the seminar is seeing how we can learn more from our clients and potentially start new business initiatives, or let go of some that don’t fit our business model.

Take this opportunity to “open the hood” on your international business and share with other business equals to ensure you are leveraging everything you have.

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  • 2 PM - Meet & Greet

    Meet the other attendees and get to know one another

  • 2:15 PM - International Biz Checkup

    Dig deep into making and maintaining your global business

  • 5 PM - Closing Time

    Network, ask questions, and learn with others for future accountability.


“About 3 years ago, we had a B2C project launching mainly aiming at exporting Shenzhen made consumer electronics to overseas and our team used Mike’s training service. It was really helpful. The affiliate program part clarified our long term question about how it works so we could optimize our channel plan effectively. Also, the tools for managing social media marketing are so practical. I’m fully confident Mike’s training can help many exporters and importers who are aiming to develop their markets in or out of China. I recommend him and his social media & international marketing training course to any team who wish to succeed in globally in this digital era!”

Ssicy Lo
China Sourcing BD

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