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The Highlights

We’ve gathered the top places in Shenzhen, China for your sightseeing tour.

Highlights: Visit Nantou Ancient City (Nantou Walled City), Sightseeing at Diwang Mansion, Da fen Oil Painting Village, Enjoy Shopping in Luohu Commercial City, & have fun!


Nantou Ancient City is the largest heritage site in Shenzhen. Features in this old city are well preserved.

Guided Tour

Get a personal, experienced tour guide to show you around the ancient city, as well as the entire day.

View Shenzhen

From on top of the one of the largest buildings in the city, enjoy the view.


Shenzhen is famous for its street markets and shopping malls. We will take you to the various markets of interest to your group.


We will go to one of the tallest buildings in Shenzhen, Di Wang Dasha.


This painting village is a true highlight. If you’re ready, bring a photo or image you’d like to have painted!

The Agenda

Incredible talks you can enjoy, plus networking to grow your business.


9 AM - Meet & Greet

We will meet you at a designated area, normally your hotel.

10 AM - Nantou Ancient City

Our first stop is Nantou Ancient City.With an area of about 70,000 squaremeters and 1730 years of history, it is the largest heritage site in Shenzhen. Features of the old city are well preserved, including the Dongguan Assembly Hall (built 1868), Kwan Tai Temple (god of war, fraternity, and justice) and Wen Tianxiang Ancestral Hall.

12 PM - Diwang Sightseeing

Standing at this 69th Sightseeing floor at Di wang Mansion, youcan have a nice Bird’s Eye View of Shenzhen. At a Sunny day,you can see Luohu Port and most landmark of Shenzhen.DiWang Sightseeing is a window of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

1 PM - Lunch

After Diwang Sightseeing, we are going to have lunch.We willchoose a restaurant based on guest’s favor,both Chinese and Western food are available.

2 PM - Da Fen Oil Paining Village

Dafen Oil Painting Village is the knock-off oil painting capital ofthe world, producing 60% of the world’s art reproductions. Here,you can buy as many Van Goghs, Monets, and classical Chineselandscapes as you’d like, or commission a painting of your own.In the galleries at Dafen Village, hundreds of budding artists workto recreate famous masterpieces to sell overseas at cheap prices.(Notably, in addition to the replicas, there are some artists whohave independent galleries selling original work.)The village has a surprising small-town feel within the extremelyurban Shenzhen

4:30 PM - Luoho Commercial Shopping District

Have fun with Shopping Luohu Commercial City is famous for replicas, including high profile brands, e.g., LV, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex. Luohu Commercial City has thousands of shops and you are encouraged to bargain in every one of them. Be prepared for crowds and over-enthusiastic shopkeepers. Here you can buy anything from bags and suitcases, electronics, clothing, jewelryand watches to Chinese tea, stone carvings and crystals.

6:30 PM - Return To Hotel

After Shopping, you will be send back to hotel. The whole itinerarywill last for 8-10hours.


The Tickets

Each ticket includes a personal tour guide to assist you with this full day tour.



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