Do you have a Hong Kong limited company and wonder what is the best way to manage your books? Still not even fully clear what you need to pay each year and what each fee is about?

Then this online workshop (webinar) is perfect for you!

Thursday Oct 22, 9pm Hong Kong time

Thursday Oct 22, 3pm Europe

Thursday Oct 22, 9am EST

Thursday Oct 22, 6am PST

Tired of guessing about and hoping no problems come up?

I was like that for many years too. So confused on what fees were what and if I was going to get a penalty in the mail. So I know how you feel and let’s work towards simplifying this process for all business owners.

It’s our responsibility to understand these terms and practices as an owner of a Hong Kong company! Many accountants and agencies don’t want to bother explaining everything to us. But you can’t use that as a reason to just skip over it and hope you’re doing it right.

Let’s work on it together.

Join me on this free online workshop where we discuss :

  • Bookkeeping Strategies

    Strategies on simplifying your regular bookkeeping.

  • Save Money

    How to lower your yearly upkeep fees.

  • Better Controls

    Gain better insight on your business.

  • Incentivize Team

    Manage commission payout for sales reps and support team.

This will help you reduce your overhead and give you a more clear picture of what all these costs go towards. You will also take btter charge of your business operations.

Yes, I know – bookkeeping and business upkeep this can be a bit boring. Don’t worry – we will have some fun in the workshop and have some prizes as well.

When Is This Workshop?

A little complicated due to everyone in various timezones, the time is:

Thursday Oct 22, on all timezones:
9pm Hong Kong
8pm Bangkok
3pm Europe time
2pm UK time
9am EST, New York
6pm PST, California

Duration – 45 minutes to 1 hour

Let’s Do This Together!

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