Cross The Border In Style

Enjoy your time crossing the Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China border with this premium car service.

How does it work?

Looking to get help crossing to/from Hong Kong into China (such as Shenzhen or Guangzhou).

Don’t want to deal with the trains, planes, and buses?

Want to take a VIP service?

Then this is the service for you – with door to door private car – from one side of the border to another – you can get the personalized service you need.

Book A Private Cross Border Car Service

Simply connect on Wechat – or purchase a package on our GFA Market here and pay by credit card or PayPal.

Let us know what your pickup point is and what your drop off point is.

If you’re going to the Cross border Summit.  Let us know for a discount or even a carpool with another attendee opportunity!

Our partner will assign you a driver, phone number (Hong Kong and Mainland China numbeR), a license plate, and a type of car. You will then be all set to find them and get ready to find them. Have a way to call either a China or HK number to make this as smooth as possible (depending on the size/complexity of your pickup point).


Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s a Video With our Cross Border Car Service Partner

We hope this is a service you can enjoy and refer friends to again and again. Here’s a quick video we made with Mike and Jasmine to introduce this solution and business alliance.

Try The Cross Border Car Service Today!

So what are you waiting for? Once you try this, you may not go back to the old fashioned MTR and Bus – or even Skylimo – again!

Try it!