We just need a fulfillment warehouse to cover Asian market
We plan to have about 20 000 packages, the size of each package is 40 mm x 90 mm up yo 50 mm x 150 mm, it is about 20 euro pallets it is about 200 SKU on your warehouse. We want you to prepare and send orders, that will come to you by API, from a call center, which we are to find in your country, to our customers with COD. We hope to have about 5 000 orders per month! 1 order usually consists of 5-6 packages. We need you to deliver our order to Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and China.
And after you send the order to our customer with COD, we want you to receive COD and transfer it to our bank account
Tell me please if it is possible to have such partnership with you. If yes, will you be able to transfer money to any bank account or only Asia bank account? Should our company be set up in Asia? Can you please help us with the judicial questions tax laws in Asia?
Can you please provide me with the prices for your services?
I need:
1. price for picking and packing 1 order
2. price for additional pick if there is such
3. delivery price from your warehouse to neighboring countries
4. COD fee and cross border fee if there is such
5. storage fee
6. return fee

Hope I had given you all the information. If you need some more, please feel free to contact me!
Looking forward to your reply!

We are currently in the process of opening branches all across the World, and will soon be active in Asia. A partnership with you will help us accomplish these goals. Before we agree to this partnership, I have a few questions that would allow me to better clarify our partnership.
1) In what cities/countries does your company have warehouses that provide fulfillment services for E-commerce?

2) Can you provide us with a current price list for all of your services? Our standard shipment is up to 0.5kg with cash on delivery.

3) Do you provide any additional services that can be useful for an online store, such as call centers,, acceptance of payments, etc?

4) Which delivery services do you cooperate with, and with whom would you recommend cooperating?

5) What is the coverage area of these services?

6) Do you only sign the contract with the local company?

Is there any possibility of cooperation with a company from Cyprus or from another country? NHP is extremely interested in expansion in the Asian market with you as a reliable and strong partner. We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can start a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.