Importing Canadian Made Products to China

Global From Asia Team

I’m interested in importing Canadian made products to China. I want to build a brand in China and fulfill my orders from there directly. The goal is to become a trusted Canadian seller in China and a go to place to buy specific Canadian made products.

I need some help in figuring out what’s the best way to go about it for the following:

– How can I open a Taobao account to sell my goods there if I’m not Chinese? If not possible, which other platforms can I sell on?
-How can I receive payments?
-Which other platforms can I sell my goods to?
-How can I open a WeChat store to sell me goods?
-How can I partner with a logistics company to store my goods and fulfill my orders as they come? (I don’t live in China so I would need someone to take care of that on the other side)
– How can I partner with influencers to help bring exposure to my brand?
– Most importantly, what’s the best recommended way to go about it? Do you have any advice on how I could approach this situation to reach my goals?

I know these are loaded questions and you might not be able to answer all of them but every little bit helps.
Thank you GFA community!!