Relocating to Singapore (Our Virtual Location – i.e. this blog server!)

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While this is more of a geek announcement, it is one we feel is a bit of a landmark here at Global From Asia.

We are rebuilding the site and moving the server from a USA hosting company to a Singapore based hosting provider.

Really it is, because the yearly hosting has come due and we re-evaluated our options and need to make an upgrade.

On top of the upgrade, we also want to move the location.

25% of our traffic is from USA, but so much from others

Researching online if we should move it or not – the big question is where are your users coming from?

This blog was setup to help people all around the world learn about business in China, Hong Kong, and Asia – and 25% of that is USA (according to Google Analytics)

Screenshot below:

But if you add up all the smaller ones – they may not be significant by themselves, but they become quite significant when totaled up.

Some of that USA IP is Probably China VPN traffic

Another reason is – China only shows about 2% of traffic, but we believe most of the entrepreneurs and business executives are using a VPN (read our extensive guide on how to use a VPN in China) with the more popular and default choice of a USA IP server location.

While it is hard to know how much of that USA IP is the VPN – we all know the annoying feeling of Chinese internet without a VPN.

See our video below:

Have To Say – Feel Safer With Our Content in Singapore

Some worry about the content we “put out there” is “dangerous” to say online. And where you host your server is kind of where you are originating these words.

As borders and tariffs and regulations seem to go up in America, Global From Asia as a blog and podcast feels more at home hosting in Asia.

Many Say Server Location Doesn’t Matter – We Feel Better in Singapore

This is a bit of a shorter announcement than our normal “epic guides” but we are excited to relocate our server to Singapore and our name is Global From Asia after all!

We are committed to bringing you business updates and news about Hong Kong, China, and now expanding all over Asia. Thank you for being a reader and let us know if you feel the server is slower than you’re used to. Cheers!

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