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AMZ Tracker: Take Your Amazon Sales to the TOP!

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AMZ Tracker uses offense and defense strategy to grow your rankings and help you maintain it along the run. The offensive strategies advances with the A10 algorithm of Amazon. Your product will surprisingly reach on the first page rankings with their utmost effort. It is through the promotions, conversion rate optimization, and competitor analysis that makes everything possible.

What are the offensive strategy of AMZ Tracker?

  • Keyword Tracking: The product keywords are easily tracked and monitored. Also, you can track and monitor the progress of your competitor.
  • Conversion Rates: You can quickly determine the reason of the backlogs of your conversion rates. Fix all those identified problems.
  • Super URLs: This is a tool that brings unexpected web traffic that boosts the ranking of your Amazon business.

What are the defensive strategy of AMZ Tracker?

  • Negative Review Alerts: Reviews that are less than 5-stars from customers gives you review alerts. It encourages you to immediately respond to them to save and raise the ratings.
  • Hijack Alerts: It is important to have a tool that provides security. Hijackers are detected, you can reclaim the data before they can get your important data.

Keyword Research Tool

AMZ tracker offers an advanced keyword research tool that helps you look for words and phrases. You can also determine the missing keywords of your competitors.

Deepwords Tool

Deepwords help you with longtail keywords, it guides you through the search engine of longtail keywords on Amazon. Get the chance to look for keywords with high conversion rates.

Competitor Analysis

You can spy on the sales and Best Seller Rankings of your competitor. You will know the changes and how they fix their rankings.

Unicorn Smasher Pro

This is a Chrome extension of AMZ tracker that takes care of the Amazon search page, monitors the revenue, sellers, reviews, and quality of the listings.

What Amazon Marketplace does AMZ Tracker support?

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Brazil
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon China
  • Amazon Denmark
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon India
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon Spain

AMZ Tracker Subscription Pricing

AMZ Tracker Pricing

For smaller packages, there are four subscriptions to choose from:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • God Mode
  • Legend

Also, there are two larger package to consider subscribing:

  • Corporate 2
  • Corporate 3

You can actually try a 7-day free trial from any of these packages. Payments vary between annual billing and monthly billing. You will not be charged if you will cancel before the 7-day trial ends.

Aside from the subscriptions differ from its prices, it also varies with the accessed features. You can have as many products that you want on your account, but the keywords are limited depending on your subscription. Moreover, you can change your subscription anytime.

Why AMZ Tracker?

It has a wide sales and tracking capabilities that can be a great help for your Amazon business. Moreover, the keyword and sales ranks are updated once a day. It does its research up to the 19th page of Amazon or the 300th product on the search rank.

The data presented are reliable, this will guide you further with your Amazon business. Nevertheless, you can look back on your progress because AMZ Tracker keeps the history rank data for a year, and the sales tracking for a month.



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AMZ Tracker: Take Your Amazon Sales TOP

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AMZ Tracker: Take Your Amazon Sales to the TOP!
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