Business Networking Extravaganza!

Looking to spend a few hours learning and meeting new people in the business community? Like the idea of a timer on the wall and having to speed rotate around the room and nab as many contacts as your hands can carry? Then welcome to the Business Networking Extravaganza! This event is action packed with the format of: A couple … Read More

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Journey To Creating a Logistics Business: WANBEXPRESS

Know more about WANBEXPRESS Logistics and how it was brought to reality by one of its founders, Michelle Zhou. Be inspired by the story of their struggles and their growth into what it is known now today. Get a peek of their facility through the video tour with Global From Asia’s Mike Michelini.

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Express VPN logo

ExpressVPN: Fast, Secure, and Trusted

For those who do not know what a VPN is, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a channel that secures a connection between two or more devices. It protects private web trafic from censorships, interferences, and snoops. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services has three functions: It hides your IP address and location. ExpressVPN hides your location and IP … Read More

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Currenxie: Competitive Digital Finance

Currenxie made the business community diminish the barriers between trades through their offered solutions of an efficient FX and cross-border payments. Currently, Currenxie has three available solutions to offer. These are FX and payments, global accounts, and the new one, trade finance. FX and Payments: “Competitive pricing for any SME or Corporate” This solution offers a real-time access to transact … Read More

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GoRemitHK: Cross-Border Payment

GoRemitHK is a leading cross border payment service provider based in Hongkong that is founded by Simon Lim. GoRemitHK is registered and licensed as a Money Service Operator (MSO) in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It provides a money transfer platform focusing in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Greater China. The company’s goal is simple: to make international sending and … Read More

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