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PureVPN: The Fastest VPN Around the World

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PureVPN will change your experience of the Internet. It empowers you to have access in everything while being protected. Meet all your needs with them.

An optimum speed and performance. Ozone-Enabled servers. Multiple security protocols. Dedicated streaming servers. P2P-Enabled servers. Best VoIP servers.

Get PureVPN now! You will surely enjoy the freedom of Internet access around the world. There is no risk, no hassle.


What are the features of PureVPN?

Basic Features

The basic features of PureVPN provides you a 24/7 protection.

  • Easy to use applications: You can access the features with just one click.
  • It provides 750 servers in 140+ countries to provide you a connection.
  • Whatever subscription plan you choose, you have an access to all 750 servers.
  • There is no limit with the bandwidth. You can browse, stream, and download your favorites.
  • Split tunneling allows you to choose between VPN or ISP in sending data.
  • If you have some concerns, there is a friendly support that are ready to assist you.
Internet Freedom

You can access the website and freely stream your favorite movies online. PureVPN keeps your privacy intact and safe.

  • P2P enabled
  • P2P protection
  • Access websites anywhere! There are no restrictions anymore.
  • Dedicated streaming servers is now optimized. This is solely dedicated for streaming purposes.
  • Ultra fast connection with 1 Gbit speed.
  • Defeat the ISP throttles
5 Multi Login

It has more advantage than you think, PureVPN allows you to have 5 multiple logins in each household. Each account that you subscribe allows 5 multiple logins to protect your entire family!

Internet Security

You do not have to worry about internet threats, PureVPN got your back. You are armed with the following features:

  • 256 Bit Encryption. A military-grade data encryption that protects your data.
  • Ozone. A security add-on that provides a proactive protection of your personal information and device.
  • NAT Firewall. With this add-on feature, hackers will find a hard time looking for loopholes.
  • Internet Kill Switch. A fail-safe button that provides you an ultimate privacy feature to keep your personal information intact at all times.
  • Dedicated IP. An add-on feature that enables users who wants to have a complete control of their online reputation.
  • DDos Protection. The most complex attack on DDoS are no fuss with PureVPN. This add-on feature can fully provide an ultimate protection.
Internet Privacy

There are no hints of what you browsed in the internet!

  • Masks IP address. Your real IP is hidden in complete privacy.
  • Browse anonymously. You will have an anonymous IP from your server of choice.
  • Unique features of VPN that stops DNS leaks. The data and devices have impenetrable security.
  • IPV6 Leak Protection.
  • Web RTC Leak Protection. Your IP address will not leak on websites.
  • Blocks Ad. This time, there will be no extra bandwidth consumptions because ads are being blocked by its built-in ad-blocking feature.


It works on almost all devices!

  • Desktop applications: They support Mac and Windows with seamless connectivity.
  • Mobile applications: iOS and Android is supported for data protection.
  • Browser extensions: It supports Chrome and Firefox extensions.
  • Router: There are applet for routers that already configured the PureVPN router.
  • TV and Devices: Smart TVs can also have the internet freedom!
  • Gaming Consoles: They support gaming consoles to provide a more immersed experience for gamers. Pings and lags will not be an issue anymore.

You need PureVPN!

You need an ozone-enabled server to make you enjoy your internet experience without worrying the risk for your safety and personal information. WiFi connections can be a breeding ground for identity thieves and hackers.

Thus, you need to value your privacy just like PureVPN values it! Your data is secured during transfers. Unauthorized access are also denied.

Get PureVPN to have a complete internet freedom.

Vast Server Location of PureVPN

There are over 140 countries who enjoys the freedom and security of PureVPN. It is supported by 750+ VPN servers online. Its broad location will be long to enumerate, visit their huge list of VPN servers. VPN servers online are available in North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa, South America, and Oceania. You can search for the country you desire.

Your desired country is not on the list? Well, that is not a problem! You can request for a server at a particular location. They will do their best to deploy the fastest VPN server for you.

Get PureVPN for your freedom and security!


A month of PureVPN costs $10.95, you do not have any savings with this plan but this is good for those who want to try the product.


A year of PureVPN subscription costs $49.8, you will be billed $4.15 per month. You can save 62% of the cost.


For two years, PureVPN premium costs $59.76, you will be billed $2.49 per month. You can save 77%! Do you think this is the best subscription plan? Buy now!

*All of these plan subscriptions have a 15-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their promised features and services, you can have a refund! Moreover, all of the premium subscription plans have all the amazing features, available in all server locations, and compatible in all supported devices.

Why PureVPN?

Unlike the other VPN company, they own their own global network with 750+ servers that serves more than 140+ countries. As today, they are the only VPN company who has this kind of global exposure.

Unlike other VPN providers who uses ready-made setups, they have an engineered VPN performance. Its apps and services are optimized for all modern broadband connections which provides the fastest speeds across the globe.

Moreover, all of their protocols are available on each of their server that provides an ultimate security.

Thus, the speed, dependability, and privacy is not a question.

If you are not satisfied with the offered services of PureVPN, they guarantee you 15-days money back. There will be no hassle and risk on your part.


PureVPN: The Fastest VPN Around the World
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