Words That Make Us Smile

A running collection of clips and testimonials as I get them (work in progress). If you have one, please send it over here

“If you are serious with connecting with the right people, with quality people in the space, I think this is the right stuff for you.”Gauthier, Belgium Amazon Seller
“I am very lucky I’m able to listen to Michael giving us a lot of insights regarding China suppliers.”Joel Barquez, Founder of Spacio.ph
“This is the first time that someone has ever spoken to my group about China Sourcing, all those terms, all those ideas, concepts. It was really valuable. They’re valuable.”Ace Estrada, Director of Calle Uno

“You must be super busy at the moment as I believe you are moving to Chiang Mai.

I just wanted to thank you on this little Asia Business Unleashed series and all your info in your podcasts.

I am going to dig deeper these coming weeks into the possibility of exporting Belgian products into China.

I guess that is not gonna be a piece of cake haha. But let’s give it a try.

See you.”



Elma – Travel Agent.

“I learned dropshipping and for long term we can have this kind of business and will visit also from some Fairs in China and hope to learn more regarding e-commerce.”


“Managing Facebook page. Training is amazing and wonderful. Inputs are great.”

John Michael Madrigal – Affiliate Marketing.

“I learned a lot about shipping and to apply the principle that I’ve learned from here.”


“This is a good start for me. Thank you for sharing Mike.”

Chester Sy.

“Really helped on how to do business with Amazon. Thank you Mike for sharing your thoughts.”


“Workshop is an eye opening. The tools presented were very intuitive. Wonderful opportunity to learn great things.”

John Mitra.

“Seminar fee is too cheap from what you learn from it.”

Jason Stevenson
SAT 11:07PM
Hi Michael, just watched your CM Coffee Club Digital Nomads presentation. It was awesome, which I could have made it! Hey, just wondering, you were talking a bit about protecting IP by getting the product manufactured by the factory and then the packaging separate. How would this work? I would have thought the factory does BOTH the manufacturing and packaging for you…before sending the product to say Amazon FBA. If there’s a way to get the manufacturing and packaging separate, I’d love to know some recommendations which are cost effective. Hopefully you can reply, cheers! Jason
Hi Mike,

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great content. I started listening your GFA podcast because I am fairly advanced down the track of trying to producing an original multiple component product china (agent, samples, prototype etc). Something I have been working on for a while and am very passionate about. Hard work though.

I stumbled into your GFAE series a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a bit of an eye opener. Only up to ep. 21, can’t wait to see how it works out! I am still committed to finishing my product but am now looking seriously at getting some basic FBA action going as well (I hope the GFAE series has a happy ending!!!!).

Keep up the good work, if things start to move perhaps I’ll even make it to a Cross Border event in the future.


Zack Franklin
CEO, AMZKungfu


“I’m Vicky and I’m from YKS Group.
My company is a cross border ecommerce business in China. It is my first time in Cross border Summit. First of all it is a great chance to know the different people from different countries. A good chance to know what foreign people think of China.


“I’m Roland from Taiwan doing different b2b ecommerce trade. Here I’m get a lot of actionable information. The information is really that good that I missed the after party yesterday. I went to the hotel and implemented the ideas. Like Brian Tracy said is that you take action.

The Cross Border Summit has actionable ideas – that is the biggest takeaway.


“Hi I’m Daniel From Singapore Amazon Ecommerce seller. First time at CBS 2018. Excited to be here – Mike with me – asked me to say some words. 

The event is great. Amount of content for the any ecommerce seller should come here, experience the content, the food, teh event. I have nothing but great words for Mike and his team and the amount of hard work they put into this event, see you at next year’s CBS 2019.”

Nick – an Amazon Seller and Attendee on Cross Border Summit 2018.

“If you are interested specifically business in China, this is the right place for you. It’s actually worth your money.”

Mike – Designer from Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong Supercharge is a must for all entrepreneur.

With this video, you will learn pretty quickly.”

Julian – Entrepreneur from Germany.

“Everything was pretty easy from perspective of me handling it, I don’t really need to do anything. Mike helped me to write a business plan to show to the bank. I got the bank account right away. The incorporation just took us 1 day.

I would recommend the service to anyone who wants to setup shop in Hong Kong.”


“The Global From Asia VIP Membership is also a great way for me to stay on top.

I really enjoyed tuning in to private calls. The forum members are open-minded and helpful to discuss things that are not yet on the public radar.”


“Mike helped me out in a Hong Kong company bank account last year. It was smooth as opening a bank account in a foreign country can be.”


“So I bought Mike’s Supercharged book. All the information I needed in one place instead of googling stuff.

The video just managed to saved me a lot of time.

I would highly recommend this book to anybody.”

James Martin – Consultant for supply chain and management.

“The HQB Tour is interesting particularly on how e-commerce is connecting directly into suppliers at Hua Qing Bei.”

“Was an invaluable experience, Mike helped guide me to the best decision for me and my companies, and the resources available in China and Hong Kong.”

It was great to talk to you too! Yes, the information you provided was invaluable!

Thank you so much for the introductions, I will follow up on them.

Thank you for the contract, it’s greatly appreciated! I’ll be sure to keep it to myself.

I look forward to joining the community of individuals trading in Asia!Matt Kowald, Inner Bonsai Yoga

My friend introduced himself to you last week in Irish Pub in Futian. I checked your YouTube channel and also your website and I can say that honestly, I didn’t expect so many motivational videos and blogs, which are truly helpful, since I’ve just moved to Shenzhen. People like you are much needed in today’s world, the ones that inspire and motivate people with their own stories. When things get tough, I will watch your videos again and again for sure. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for doing your best to help others. I wish you a lot of success with your work, I truly hope that your business will grow and become global.V.B.
Hey just fyi I got a your info from wechat. I encourage you to keep up the good work in the entrepreneurial community. Because people like myself are seeking genuine guidance and motivation. I’m great out of college and working abroad I’m looking to ecommerce to emancipate me from the rat race. Thanks again!Jon Marc

It (GFA Jobs) was extremely helpful! I was able to connect to people I never could reach from Japan. I was able to do everything remotely. I just had to fly to Hong Kong and I was able to find a great new staff thanks to GFA Jobs.

– Davide Rossi
Go! Go! World CEO

Hi Mike,

People really enjoyed this podcast, thank you Edward for being an awesome lawyer and sharing amazing legal advice 🙂

This was very interesting. I really would have appreciated al ot if I can get the template, if that’s possible. Read it and found very useful. Where can I get it?

– Phatari

I had the pleasure of attending the Cross Border Summit early this year. I was super impressed by Mike and the whole team from Global From Asia put together.

What you’ll get is a diverse range of speakers and attendees from around the world. What I got most out of it was the networking.

After the event I was able to create a lot of business opportunities as well as friends. And that can be a very important thing when doing business in China and I found that hugely invaluable.

So apart from that, I recommend attending next year’s event, I know I have it on my calendar.

– Kai Law
Amazon Seller from Aukland, New Zealand

I came across the event that Michael posted for Shenzhen. We do the whole tour, the whole day. They organize very well. We went to Hua Quiang Bei, the electronics market and it’s super impressive.

– Mareike Popp
Startup Grind Germany

You all did a great job! Nice work. I hope this [Cross Border Summit] grows.Jon Myers
Thinking of starting up in HK? then Listen to this A huge amount of in depth information on a wide range of topics – all from people who have set up businesses in HK. High quality interviewees and honest advice that all rings true. Listen to this to whisk yourself along the learning curve.United Kingdom 2017-04-01 5 max-martin
I really enjoyed your video course on udemy [Hong Kong Supercharged]! Currently I am studying International Business Administration in Vienna. During my summer brake I am planning to go to Hong Kong. Your video course strengthened me in that decision! I am writing you in the hope that you could give me some tips how and where to start looking for an internship. What really interests me is the e-commerce business! I would appreciate some information or contacts from your side a lot! Drinking a beer with you in Hong Kong would be high on my agenda. Corresponding to the beer I would love to bring you a cigar from my last trip to Cuba.

Enjoy your weekend!

Best regard from Vienna
Julius Möller

Must Listen to Podcast for Doing Business in China — 5 stars

If you looking to do business in China or move to China this is the one podcast you need to listen to. Having been there for over 10 years Mike interviews a variety of guests from importing, exporting, hiring Chinese employees, Amazon FBA, cross border payments and setting up Hong Kong companies for tax advantages. This is your go to weekly digest in doing business in asia.Lawster101 from New Zealand on Jun 2, 2017

CBS 2017 was wonderful. All very open and honest presentations. I’m looking forward to the next one.Shawn

So grateful for friendship. You need to go to China to meet this man. Or hear him on his podcasts, I guess. Michael is amazing. And does amazing things. Started building businesses in China in his 20’s and continues to do more and more epic things. He broke into the world of the unknown: MAINLAND CHINA through tenacity and a positive outlook- and helps other entrepreneurs figure it out too. I got to join him on a Trade Zone trip in Shenzhen and my world got even bigger and the dots continue to connect. It’s amazing what he is in the middle of and I’m grateful I got to be immersed in what China is becoming. Just you wait…

Keep being you!

Michael I just wanted to say hello and thank you again for getting the bartending.asia url for me. I still have it along with starsofthebars.com and many more. Absolutely nothing has ever happened with anything just a hobby for me. Is there are any ideas with url’s you can implement in a good way I am open to it. Anyway good seeing your smiling face and family pic happy to network with you for so long.

Your buddy and fan,Howie

Narinda Sandry
1:37pm May 25

Hi Michael. My name is Narinda and i live in Australia. Looks like the global summit [correction: should be Cross Border Summit] was awesome. Its my dream to go to China and improve my Amazon business. I love your podcast so thank you heaps for that. ?

This day is amazing so far, such amazing speakers, I have learnt a lot of Amazon stuff today, you CANNOT miss this event next April!

Check out Global From Asia #crossbordersummit

– Chris Davey

Aloha Mike,

Thank you for the 5 part mini course. I also want to thank you for the Global from Asia podcast as I enjoy listening and find the blog fun, intriguing, and educational. I am now in a situation where I believe that a HK company might be right for me, however I greatly appreciate any advise.

I am excited about the future and look forward to always learning and growing.

I am not sure if this is the right email address to reply to but thank you and keep on keeping on.

Thank you,


I highly recommend the Cross Border Summit for any entrepreneur. I am not into trading, but I am a serial entrepreneur and I learned a lot from all the different speakers. It was also great networking. I got many new contacts and got different angles on my business from talking to them and listening to their suggestions.
I went home from that Summit with my head spinning and a big grin of all the possibilities, opportunities and new ideas I got from just these 2 days. If you miss this event, you miss a great chance to take your business to a new level! A must for every entrepreneur in China!

– Kathy

Please keep us updated for the next year’s summit. Definitely worth it to come again.

– Alex

It was a great event, I left motivated and with great new ideas for business, the networking there was the best part, knowing so many experienced people in many fields. Congrats and count with me for 2018.

– Oswaldo Loor

Wonderful weekend at Cross Border Summit, so happy can be a part of it. Met a lot of great and nice people.

– Zhu Zhu (Cindy)

We are all learners and teachers;Sharing your knowledge and experience can only lead you to greater achievements.And this is what this event was about..networking, amazing speeches and flow of useful information for those who are thirsty to learn and those who want to pass this on.

– Kornilia

Hi Michael sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on Saturday we had to rush off to a flight to Uganda for business. Thank you so much for putting on the event [Cross Border Summit 2017] it was great! You and your team did a great job

– Sally

“What a GREAT conference this weekend! Mike and his team had a group of great speakers, classy venue, delicious coffee bar, and a wonderful opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs. It was an honor to play at this year’s Cross Border Summit.”

Michael Mcgillicuddy

Proud & honoured to have participated & been invited to talk about Nogogo Online Groceries on some panels @ the 2017 Cross Border Summit . A big congratulations to Michael & his team from Global Source Asia for holding an amazing event that will only get bigger and better every year . Looking forward to the 2018 event .

– Glenn Ball

Your event was awesome this year, definite improvement from last year. Thanks for the opportunity to talk. Loved it. Good job man!

– Chris Moore

The Cross Border Summit 2017 was indeed THE EVENT TO BE. I gained so much better tools regarding digital marketing and promotion. In consequence I feel more confident about the new skills when offering my Marketing & Branding services to current and potential clients. Ultimately I also got a new partnership with whom we are currently building something greater. I couldn’t be more grateful than I am now.

– Carol Zurita

More than grateful for the friends, the partner, the knowledge, and the willingness to share. I AM A REINVENTED WOMAN! and my business tells! Cheers to the success and happiness.

– Carol Zurita

Had a great time at the Cross Border Summit this weekend. I met some amazing people and gained valuable insights into the world of e-commerce and trading to/from China. Congratulations to the organizers at Global From Asia.

– Gary Isse, Shekou Daily

The 2017 Cross Border Summit by Global From Asia, was even bigger and better than last year! I was happy to contribute where I could and learn from other phenomenal entrepreneurs. I can’t wait for next year and congrats to the team who organized the event.

– Rico Ngoma

Holy Freaking Sh*T this Podcast is so AWESOME! I can’t believe I discovered this only after 5 years of living here in China. I wish I discovered it earlier. There’s no time to lose. I want to physically cram into my ear all of the episodes. If you want to get down and dirty on the operations side of things, this is the place.

– Duke, Philippines


Mike helped introduce me to a great company in Shenzhen that I ended up working for. I appreciate the connection and I recommend checking out his new job board for jobs in Asia.

– Grace Chen

“The Cross Border Summit provided a rare look into the inner workings of building a successful brand on FBA led by industry experts.” – Larry Salibra, Entrepreneur

Thanks for the add, your site is wonderful!

Reminds me a bit of mixergy.com but for Amazon in China, great stuff!!

Thanks for what you’re doing, I’m a newbie for Amazon but selling on Alibaba, looking to expand into Amazon also.

Taking notes and paying attention!

– Irv on Wechat

Congrats on your work anniversary! Hope you are better and better.
– Water Chen 1:48 PM

Michael Michelini sent the following message at 2:07 PM
Thanks Water, I remember those days years ago. Haha, life is good how r u

Water Chen sent the following message at 2:26 PM
I am very good. Thanks for introducing me to Gordon. I have a great life in Zhongshan. How time flies! Hope we could meet together and have a great dinner sometime.

A knowledgeable, humble host spills the beans on Hong Kong — 5 stars
– by Karsten Aichholz from Thailand

on Aug 9, 2016

Michael knows what he’s talking about. His expertise on Hong Kong is only matched by his humbleness about it. What he knows, he shares and what he doesn’t, he’s honest about. It makes his advice and voiced thoughts a lot more dependable than others who’s main objective is to only appear knowledgeable (even at the cost of authenticity or potential misinformation). If you’re thinking of doing business with Hong Kong and other places in the region, his podcast is a great place to get started.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for getting back to me. What a relief! I was really worried. Do you know anyone that just exit Shenzhen, walk across the immigration to the HK side and then turn around to re-enter Shenzhen? I’m wondering if you can get away with that.

Your blog is so great and informative. Thank you for doing that. It benefits so many people. You must have put a lot of work into doing it. I know how time consuming and difficult to write and maintain a blog.

– Silvia Comeau

‘Despite applying for my HK bank account just after the leak of the Panama Papers, the likelihood of a HK account being opened was quite uncertain – with its fair number of challenges and obstacles. Nevertheless, Mike and Valery persevered and ensured I was taken care of despite the increased strictness and regulation. I recommend and trust they will provide this level of professionalism and service to all that decide to proceed with GlobalfromAsia. – JC’

Re: Global from Asia
Ashish Monga
October 27, 2014 3:50 PM
Hi Michael,

Thanks for connecting. I have been listening to “Global from Asia” from a while now and even though I have been in Asia for several years and in Intl. trade for most of that time, I still quite enjoy it and there’s always find something useful in your content.

Just wanted to give you a heads up for the great Podcast.


Awesome stuff — 5 stars
– by China rob from United States on Sep 15, 2014
Really enjoy this podcast packed with solid advice about having a business presence in HK and Asia. The world is shifting in that direction and it would be wise to listen up. Thanks again for all the great info and keep it up!

Great perspective from a leader in the industry — 5 stars
– by aarontschirhart from Canada on Sep 15, 2014
The foucs of this podcast combined with Michael’s extensive Asian experience makes it a must listen for those who are interested in running an Asian focued business out of Hong Kong. I really enjoyed learning about launching a sucessful kickstarter and crowdfunding in Asia. Highly recommended!

Informative and actionable — 5 stars
– by jcpeden from United Kingdom on Sep 11, 2014
Fantastic information for anyone looking to do business in Hong Kong or mainland China. Informative and actionable steps for entrepreneurs at any stage of this process.

I’ve been listening for a while – can’t even remember how I stumbled upon your podcast. I tried to leave you an I-Tunes review (I’m based in Hong Kong with an I-Tunes HK account) but it didn’t work. Not sure whyjQuery112405419864467731725_1495771302584

Anyway, here’s the review – feel free to share it

TITLE: Highly recommend. Detailed, high quality advice

I’m based in Hong Kong and manage a small business. Even though I’m not involved in import/exporting but still find this podcast thoroughly helpful. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but find myself listening to a batch of episodes at a time. As the podcast host, Michael says – it’s straight-up actionable advice for anyone wanting to run an international business via China/Hong Kong. He selects appropriate experts, asks detailed questions, summarises where helpful and keeps it flowing smoothly, concisely and in a relaxed, easy-on-the-ear manner. Well worth a listen if you’re involved in sourcing, manufacturing, kickstarting…or doing any business between Asia and the rest of the world.


Thanks Mike. It was fun to do. It’d be great if more folks could find the time and energy to share their experience, insights and opinions in the way that you do via your excellent podcast series. Keep up the great work!
Steve Barnes, The Hong Kong Visa Geeza —— 2014-07-26 11:40:33

United States2016-01-155CAtechguyAwesome guests!Very relevant topics for Internet entrepreneurs. The show always has really good guests on and I’m always learning something new. This is a must listen for anyone involved in online businesses.
Australia2015-11-155Chris @ HibermateHands down the best Podcast on how to do business out of China and Hong Kong!Michael’s podcast is choc-full of great interviews with folks who either have set up their business in China or Hong Kong, or representatives from Companies based in China/HK that can help you. Each episode provides awesome advice and clever tips from the people who have already gone through the grind, made some mistakes – info that’ll help you navigate your way through the “maze” quickly and relatively stress free. From setting up a company and bank acccount in Asia, to international logistics (and tons more besides) this is an absolute, “must listen” podcast. 5 Stars from me.
United Kingdom2015-09-015ShaunCunninghamAwesome: Best Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs in ChinaI stumbled across the Global from Asia podcast by accident almost a year ago now and I’m very glad I did. I’ve listened to every episode since and have gained a huge amount of knowledge in the process. Michael provides an authentic and insightful view of business in China & Hong Kong, particularly for those within the entrepreneurial space, and his range of guests he interviews are always fascinating, bringing with them a fresh perspective on what can be a very complex region.
United States2015-06-285James SolisA great international business podcast with honest and real entrepreneursThe Global from Asia podcast provides you with a great insight on different aspects of international business, my favorites consist of international trading and ecommerce. Not only does Michael come off as a genuine, trustworthy host – but he does a great job in choosing other like-minded genuine guest speakers who provide real world advice and stories that hit close to home. Their stories have motivated me to start getting involved with international business. I truly enjoy listening to the Global from Asia podcast and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in international business or doing business with China.
United States2015-06-225leroyhedgeAmazing Content!I have been reading Mike’s blog posts and listening his podcasts since the first episode. Mike is your man if you want to learn more about running a (global) business from Hong Kong/China. Each one contains a nugget of wisdom which you can use to help building your global business!
United States2015-05-275oijfoiejrfoierjferOutstanding content about AsiaI’ve been listening to Mike’s podcast for a while now and he posts absolutely incredible content which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. He interviews real experts, people with on the ground experience and shares a huge amount of knowledge very openly. This podcast is a major asset to the community
United States2015-04-105RioKineCalifornian Living in ShanghaiHi Michael, wanted to give you a shout out for your podcast. I am from California and have spent about 5 years in China and Taiwan. I’m living in Shanghai at the moment and love listening to the podcast while I’m on the road. I’m always communting to furniture factories in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces and the podcast helps get my mind going and gives me lots of inspiration and ideas. Appreciate what you’re doing, bringing good minds together and speaking openly to the audience about topics we are all interested in. Keep it up! Greg McGrath
United States2015-04-065FlyingDebrisGreat real world discussionsI found this podcast a few months ago. Now, I look forward to the weekly real world discussions from actual business owners in the region. Keep up the good work.
China2015-03-245brucewang7777A channel where idea and tips you can getI finished the 77th episode in which PJ Entrepreneur is invited. The first time I met PJ was on the Metro, Shenzhen. He told me about his past experience and extremely creative idea on marketing. What encourages me most is PJ’s constantly passion to connect people together to make amazing things happen. I was impressed by PJ’s positive attitudes towards life, work, success and even failure. Thanks for PJ for sharing Ken Robinson’s Book “The Element” and opinion on travelling and making friends with new people.
United States2015-03-245ShenzhenjamesWow learned a lotStumbled upon this podcast from a Facebook posting. This podcast has inspired me to move to China!
China2015-02-255FABAPCSimply the Best Resource and Insights for Entrepreneurs starting out in AsiaFor over a year now I’ve been listening to this podcast and it’s simply the best for insights on how to startup and run your business from Asia. Michael’s guests are all experts and hands-on experienced entrepreneurs who share their experience and advice. This has been an invaluable treasure trove of what to do and what not to do when starting-up business in Asia. For me, as I went about starting my own business in China I have been able to save time, money and follow the lead from so many successful people that have do it all before. I highly recommend this podcast if your about to start-up in Asia or like me always wanted to start-up but were afraid to. Even after being in China for almost 18 years, I’ve learnt and benefited so much from Michael’s ability to share advice and bring together such a broad range of experts from so many different fields. Keep it up Michael and thank you.
Austria2015-02-025David at Fatcat AppsGreat podcastFull of actionable advice. A must listen for anyone doing business in Hong Kong or China.
United Kingdom2015-01-205Chi Wai LiMust listen for anyone wanting to do biz in HKWhat an insightful podcast on everything on running a business in Hong Kong. I was worried if I was getting ripped off for my company auditing, listening to the show gave me a much better idea of what costs what. Thank You Global From Asia!
China2015-01-095R. L. SmithGo to podcast for Biz in ChinaMike really knows his stuff and this podcast is my go-to podcast for anything related to business in China, particularly import / export and eCommerce which are just the topics most relevant to me. Having been in China a few years myself I know Michael is really plugged in to the entrepreneur scene in Shenzhen and HK and is always ahead of the curve of what’s happening there… so listen up and take notes, basically! 😉 5 Stars.
Australia2014-12-275Neale G O’ConnorPacked full of information on real business issues in AsiaThere are three benefits of listerning to podcasts – inspiration, education and entertainment. Michaels podcast is packed full of education of real stuff that you need to know to do business in the region. Listerning to the podcast saves you time in researching the various things that make business click, not to mention the many tricks and tips that come from doing business in the region during the past 5 years. I highly recommend this great resource.
Hong Kong2014-11-285Renaud AnjoranGreat interviewsVery interesting interviewees! Keep it up Mike.
United Kingdom2014-11-085BillGates009Great actionable adviceI have been listening to Michael’s podcast for a while now and have always found very useful actionable tips that I can use in my business. As someone who has been in China for 5 years and dealing with chinese factories every day, I am able to take a lot of the ideas and plug them into my business straight away. I have also found it to be a great resource for new information in our industry and knowing about the various complementary businesses within the international trade space.
United States2014-11-065Jason PDXValuable and ImpactfulGreat to have an on the ground from the trenches source of information of doing business in HK, China and beyond. Appreciate this podcast! Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us!
United States2014-10-195Larz3Lots of great content & advice!Mike has tons of connections and resources in and around Hong Kong and it’s awesome that he takes the time to share their knowledge with us through this podcast.
United States2014-09-155rpb1087Awesome stuffReally enjoy this podcast packed with solid advice about having a business presence in HK and Asia. The world is shifting in that direction and it would be wise to listen up. Thanks again for all the great info and keep it up!
Canada2014-09-145aarontschirhartGreat perspective from a leader in the industryThe foucs of this podcast combined with Michael’s extensive Asian experience makes it a must listen for those who are interested in running an Asian focued business out of Hong Kong. I really enjoyed learning about launching a sucessful kickstarter and crowdfunding in Asia. Highly recommended!
United Kingdom2014-09-105jcpedenInformative and actionableFantastic information for anyone looking to do business in Hong Kong or mainland China. Informative and actionable steps for entrepreneurs at any stage of this process.
United States2014-08-205devermanGreat Advise for Doing Business from ShenzhenI know Mike for many years and am happy he has started this podcast to share the knowledge he has and connections he has made over the years with all the challenges he has faced doing business in China. Really appreciate this podcast and glad he has a lot of them in the pipe.
Australia2014-07-035Definitely not producer RoffoA trusted voice who shows you how to start up in China!If you’re thinking of basing your business out of Hong Kong but don’t know where to start look no further than Mike’s terrific podcast! He focuses each show on one aspect of running a business from the region, the perks of doing so (Hello SE Asia Travel) and debunks the myth that a HK based company is just for big international corporations. He also features special guests who draw upon their real world experience. There are too few good resources for starting a business from Asia, so finding Mike’s podcast has been a gem for me. Highly Recommended!
Brazil2014-03-315victorloyalAmazing ContentOne of a kind podcast with great insights and actionable information! Congratulations!
United States2014-03-155SthardmanAmazing Humble and Informative AdviceEver wished you had a best friend who knew the ins and outs of doing international businesses through HK? Well now you do (sort of). Maybe he isn’t actually your friend but he will at least make you feel like it. Michael’s podcasts are a true no-BS casual conversation about the questions and answers we are all looking for when starting a HK company. And you’ve got a seat at the table. So pull up a chair, listen up, and enjoy feeling more at ease about doing it big in Asia.
United States2013-12-075SjorsPGreat insight from people on the groundMichael could probably fill a podcast with just his own experiences and the guests he brings in just multiply that. My todo list of things to look into and books to read is growing with almost every episode, so this is indeed actionable advice.
China2013-11-215HouseXI1979Must listen for Expats in ChinaLike Mike, I am also an expat startup guy trying to make sense of it all in China. I think many of us face many of the same problems with Visas, Business Licenses, and Fund transfers. Thanks Mike for sharing with us your experiences and looking forward to more to come!

What Some Of Our Listeners Have To Say

“Michael could probably fill a podcast with just his own experiences and the guests he brings in just multiply that. My todo list of things to look into and books to read is growing with almost every episode, so this is indeed actionable advice.”

SjorsP from United States

“If you’re thinking of basing your business out of Hong Kong but don’t know where to start look no further than Mike’s terrific podcast!

He focuses each show on one aspect of running a business from the region, the perks of doing so (Hello SE Asia Travel) and debunks the myth that a HK based company is just for big international corporations. He also features special guests who draw upon their real world experience.

There are too few good resources for starting a business from Asia, so finding Mike’s podcast has been a gem for me. Highly Recommended!”

Roffo from Australia

“Like Mike, I am also an expat startup guy trying to make sense of it all in China. I think many of us face many of the same problems with Visas, Business Licenses, and Fund transfers. Thanks Mike for sharing with us your experiences and looking forward to more to come!”

HouseXI1979 from China

“Ever wished you had a best friend who knew the ins and outs of doing international businesses through HK? Well now you do (sort of). Maybe he isn’t actually your friend but he will at least make you feel like it. Michael’s podcasts are a true no-BS casual conversation about the questions and answers we are all looking for when starting a HK company. And you’ve got a seat at the table. So pull up a chair, listen up, and enjoy feeling more at ease about doing it big in Asia.”

Sthardman from United States



Pin Wang
Michael’s knowledge of doing business and startups in China is right on point. He answered my questions with anecdotes/examples from his first-hand experience, which were not only relevant but also very entertaining!

Kevin Dewalt
When I first arrived in China Mike was a huge help to me – gave me great advice for getting connected to startups and customers in the China business community.

Mike is THE GUY for the Asia startup scene and an expert in generating business leads in China. Do yourself a favor and get some advice from Mike.

Ty Yaffe, Hong Kong
Michael was really helpful in giving me direction for myself and introduced me immediately to someone who can help me. I HIGHLY recommend to talk with Michael.

Janet Chang, San Francisco Bay Area
Mike was critical in helping me understand business culture in China. In our chat, he shared dozens of stories from his experiences. I would recommend speaking with Mike for anyone who needs to understand Chinese social interactions, especially in the import/export and e-commerce business.

Damone Franklin, Lean Startup Machine
Michael quickly and efficiently helped my organization get on the ground in Shanghai. We are planning an event and Michael’s experience has been very valuable in making everything go smoothly. He is now involved with our social media marketing and his company is sponsoring our event.

Matias Forbord, Oslo Area, Norway
My meeting with Michael was incredibly useful in order to understand how to approach the Chinese market. His experience and insight allowed him to answer all my questions and give very key advice to my continuing work towards China. Thank you!

Steven Suh , Shenzhen, China
Michael was introduced to me by a web design partner in Shanghai and since arriving to Shenzhen, he has been instrumental in connecting me with the right people – people that I can trust. He is no doubt one of the most visible and connected expats in Shenzhen.

Lee Lixuan, Singapore Student
Great insights about lean startup and how your company practices those principles! It helped me gained a much better understanding of LS. All the best for your lean-startup

Shlomo Freund,
Mike is THE guy to talk with for insights about China. I had great time talking to him and share business insights as fellow entrepreneur. He has been VERY helpful and I’m keen on working together with him on future projects! He defiantly should be your #1 guy for entering the Chinese market. His knowledge is invaluable!

Tang Duo,
Mike is a very determined individual. Resilient to get the work done, and thinks outside of the box to achieve results for his clients – this is what makes him stand out in the community in China.

Jimi Olaghere,
Michael is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, you may not find him on the pages of TechCrunch or VentureBeat but he leaves lasting impressions on the business and people he encounters. He’s one of the very few still willing to get their hands dirty – his hustle inspires me daily.

Patrick Woock, ett Investments / Dalian
Michael is thoughtful and supportive. Recently, we had meeting with Michael…even though Michael was caught between two other phone call/meetings. He will willing to make time, and answered our questions…. A true leader, is one that in times of absolute conflict, can keep his cool… thumbs up Michael!!

Doug Pierce,
Mike is a hustler and super-networker. To see him pull resources and people together, under pressure and even when outside of his element, is truly remarkable. I always found him insightful, honest, with great experiences and great sense of humor. His work ethic is the same as his Twitter follower count: beyond reproach.

Mihran Papazian,
Mike is a professional Online Marketing consultant with strong focus on Chinese social media. He is a real community manager and shake things when it comes to organize tech events/meetups. I also recommend him very much as a speaker.

L. Boysen,
Brought both strategic guidance and hands-on execution results to the table on a recent project I worked on. An asset to any organization lucky enough to work with him.

Giovanni Livia,
He is a great communicator with excellent management and leadership ability. He understands how to implement project plans and motivates his employees.

Brent deverman
Brent Deverman,
Michael has pioneered the first coworking space in Shenzhen and that takes a lot of bravery and patience to setup something like this in China.

Sapna Llano,
I enjoyed working with Michael on his trademark and business legal issues. Michael is very driven in his business and is a great communicator. He was always very professional and his insight was invaluable. Michael was wonderful to work with and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Scott docherty
Scott Docherty,
I thoroughly enjoy working with Michael. He is professional and motivated. We share a passion for customer service. Michael is a genuine stand-up guy, and I would highly recommend doing business with him.

Joshua Steimle, Hong Kong
I’m new to Asia and Michael provided me with valuable insights and advice about getting my business off the ground.

Ssicy Lo, Computers Made in China
Mike is the top tech guy in social media in China as far as I know. His passion, focus and devotion in Social Agent make me fully believe he is right now taking his organization to success.I’m proud we have got chance to work with him

David nathanson
David Nathanson, CFA, New York
It is a pleasure to work with Michael: he is very intelligent, goes above and beyond expectations, and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Taylor Amarel, Sacramento, California Area
Michael was incredibly useful in providing advice on building and finding a startup team in China. His personal experiences and eagerness to assist was very helpful and much appreciated. I highly recommend chatting with Michael – you will not regret it.

Abe Sorock, Beijing
Michael is a seasoned entrepreneur and knows his way around building a business. It’s very valuable to speak with someone who knows the lay of the land here in China and
Barry Lee, Shanghai
Michael was fantastic. The information he shared and the advice he gave me concerning my project led directly to a change in my approach. His knowledge of the tech sector in China is very comprehensive.

tony huang, Beijing City, China
Thanks so much.As a start-up we really get great advice on business development,marketing strategy and event holding from Michael.We do appreciate you being part of our journey.

Xiaoning, Startupnoodle
Michael helps me a lot in terms of establishing a new social media account with not-so-much resources! looking forward to the next discussion with him!

Brian Tam, Let’sMakeGreat!
Mike is doing amazing things for the startup community in China! Not only a brilliant entrepreneur himself; he is mentoring others and spreading the seeds of entrepreneurship with his work on Startup Weekend and its explosive growth throughout China! I never told him this, but personally, SW is where I realized my life’s passion so thank you Mike.

Sajjad Kamal, Dubai, united Arab emirates
Michael was very generous with providing his precious time to help a fellow entrepreneur. He shared his past experiences and what he has learnt – which was quite helpful. Michael was also quite generous in helping connecting with other entrepreneurs who could potentially be of help. Thanks Michael.

Abel, Mexico
With a few simple questions and comments, Mike was able to help me to clarify my startup idea. His experience on this field helped me to find the correct path of my project.

Mia Salituro , ForeignChic.com / Mia Salituro
I just got off my Google Chat with Michael and am so happy. He has taken his practical experience living and doing business in China and applied it directly to my situation. He just saved me LOTS of research and headaches. Thanks to his direction and resources, I know that by our next call, I will be closer to making my dreams a reality. Also, the fact that I’m connected with Michael who has made his dreams his life, I now feel an Even Bigger Kick in the butt to go after mine as well! With one life to live, talking with Michael is invaluable if you’re passionate and serious about making a positive impact in the Chinese market.

Matthew Haverkamp, Cincinnati Area
I’m a US university student doing research for transportation which is completely unrelated to Michaels social media in china. HOWEVER, talking with Michael and setting up a time to do so was simple and without a doubt the most informative engaging experience i’ve had working on my project. His depth of knowledge and ability to listen and communicate his thoughts was extremely helpful. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Thanks again Mike!

Alex, New York, NY
Mike is very knowledgeable and the feedback he has given has saved me hours, if not days of research and market studies. This guy is the real deal!

David Smith, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area
I had a specific question that I wasn’t sure Michael could answer. But lo and behold, he hooked it up! Thanks, Michael!

Tayan patel, legal services
Michael was very knowledgable and provided proactive solutions to meet our strategic concerns. I look forward to working with him.

Sheyi Shobayo, Nigeria
Absolutely fantastic and helpful. This guy is the real deal. Been a free consultation, I never expected to get much of what he helped with but within few minutes, he was able to help me out and I will be on my way to China soon! Thanks man !

Daniel Kelly,
Michael is an extremely knowledgeable and friendly guy. He’s been instrumental in my job search, putting me in contact with several people, which has made my life a lot easier. I definitely recommend Michael.

Eoin Brown, China
Michael was very considerate, responsive and helpful following my contacting him to discuss Chinaccelerator through a recommendation from a mutual friend. We communicated on WeChat and the phone, during which he sincerely offered valuable advice and direct help in a number of different areas which I am following up with him about. I also found his sohelpful.me profile and business socialagent.me to both be attractive and useful tools which I now plan to use personally.

Christopher Moore, Los Angeles
Michael provided expert advice to clarify and update me about the latest business environment in Southern China. Highly recommend.

Alan C, London UK
Michael was incredibly helpful and kind in offering advice on the tech and startup community in China. His insights were very valuable and I would encourage others to speak to Michael!

Brandon, SmartIntern China Internships
Whether you are new to China or a vet, Mike should be your go-to guy for advice on market entry, connecting with the right people, and figuring out how to make things happen fast!

Lionel BEILIN, China
Just arrived in Shenzhen, I was wondering about startup related events here and Michael was there to provide me information I needed. Thanks a lot mate!

Summer , Huntington Beach, ca
In just a quick call, Michael gave us a great contact that we’ll be able to use going forward in our business!! He’s so nice and generous with his knowledge!!

Eric Campbell, State College, Pennsylvania Area
Talking with Michael was really an enjoyable experience. He is very knowledgeable about what factors are essential for creating a successful startup. I also learned a lot about how to create an effective founding team with members that each bring something unique to the business.

Octa Ramayana, Wikasa
Michael gave a lot of useful inputs including list of links that he managed to pull out during our discussion. Amazing. It gave me a lot of insight in delivering my business.

Ramzi, Sydney Australia
Mike provided great insights about startups looking to expand into other markets (particularly China) and the issues associated with it. Being experienced first hand in the Chinese market Mike brings great knowledge with him.

Russell Smith, China To Amazon
Mike really helped me out in this call. He provided a lot of very valuable feedback about my business idea and strategy from the perspective of someone with experience and knowledge in the field. I’m glad I called Mike up and recommend you do the same if you are planning anything in China.

Ben Boyer, BenjaminBoyer.com
Hey Mike , I just want to say Thanks for such a great call , I now have a much better understanding of what business and even day-to-day life is like in China It is actually very different and much more interesting from what one may expect from the limited coverage you see and hear about in various forms of media in the US It is Awesome masterminding with you , your story is bold and refreshing I can tell you are well on your way to great things Talk soon Thanks Ben

Matt, Shanghai
Michael was incredibly helpful to me in our 30 minute chat. He gave me insightful feedback on my business ideas while introducing me to several relevant contacts. He could not have been more gracious or willing to help.

I had a pleasure of speaking with Michael about my relocation to China. Even though he was busy with his work, dedicated me good amount of time, clearing many doubts about Shenzhen. Michael, I’m looking forward to meet you once I arrive there! Thanks again!

Jah Ying Chung, Launchpilots.com
Mike shared some very useful insights on accelerators in China as well as those abroad. Will definitely be following up with more questions for him!

David Helman, Beijing, China
Thank you Michael for laying out the the landscape on import/export to China for me. Another valuable chapter in the unwritten rule book for China began, than you for your sage advice as I page along the rest of the book.

Mike, Primer Designs
Michael is a fantastic resource about everything business and digital in China. I’ve forwarded many of my friends and aspiring young entrepreneurs who are interested in the China market.

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