Introducing The E-Commerce Gladiator TV Series

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This new e-commerce venture we are doing live has moved to the next level – we are going to have it professionally made into a proper video series! Starting with our kickoff on Tuesday August 22 we will announce the partners in this new venture and introduce our plan for launch.

What Is The E-Commerce Gladiator?

We are doing this as a way to show that the modern day “gladiator” in the arena is the e-commerce seller. They have to be trained and fit to endure the colosseum of Amazon’s marketplace and other e-commerce marketplace, other sellers, buyers who are returning products, and other outside forces.

Plus, a battle in their own mind. As I have put out applications for people to join us on this new e-commerce venture, many have these limiting beliefs that they are not suitable to do it. They don’t have the skills, or the money, or the courage to do it live. So – we want to do this for the entire world to be able to witness and the pressure is on.

First Episode Recording – Tuesday August 22, 2017

So to get this party started – we will have the same day that we are introducing this new e-commerce venture (when we have vetted all the applications and have signed on the partners) as the kickoff for the TV show.

While many of the applicants are not based here in Hong Kong or Shenzhen, China – we are brainstorming ways to get them involved in the TV series – maybe dial in live. The first show will be discussing how the business will launch its brand and first product.

My favorite part of this is we are combining our GFA meetup series together. We noticed that the meetups in Shenzhen were already getting a bit repetitive plus others in the market could also just come out and announce their own meetup – so adding this live studio audience of a TV show into the mix really helps us differentiate.

Plus this content is going to be so epic and valuable and evergreen. We can’t wait to hear about people watching the TV series years from now getting massive value. Can’t wait to have this series stand the test of time.

Gary Vee motivated me to do this – that is all I can say! Make epic content, actionable, and leverage everything. This will be a live audience, live streaming, and professionally recorded and produced.

Time to get to the next level.

Show Outline

We are working our butts off to put together a great TV show format. This is the basic outline so far:

  • 7 – 7:10pm: Open the show, the background (news since last show – but since this is the first show, we’ll introduce the background of the series)
  • 7:10 – 7:15pm Introduce today’s guests, the shareholders in the new e-commerce venture, the advisors, consultants, and e-commerce experts who will also come on today’s show to give us actionable relevant advice for the theme of the episode.
  • 7:15 – 7:20pm – did the team meet the KPI from the last show? What are the results since the last episode. Are they on track, or falling behind?
  • 7:20 – 7:30pm Discuss the action plan for that episode’s show. Meaning, the shareholders and managing partners will be on one side asking questions and presenting their plan, while on the other side the experts, investors, and advisors on the other side will be critiquing their plan and making their suggestions.
  • 7:30 – 7:45pm – Questions from the host, from the audience, from the internet. Time to face reality, and let’s hear critical questions that the e-commerce venture need to face. Are they on the right track? Time to give them feedback and suggestions
  • 7:45 – 7:55pm – Summary and action plan / KPI for next week. Time to put numbers and facts on paper. What is the goal for the business from now til the next episode?

Multiple Seasons Already In The Pipeline

Season 1 is our first e-commerce venture, our first e-commerce product brand that we are introducing to the market. We will have the business partners in the new business part of the series, the advisors, investors, and experts also come on the show to guide us in our pursuit.

Already thinking ahead, we will add more seasons to this E-commerce Gladiator TV series – with the second season being more brands, more “gladiators” willing to put the butt on the line to build a new e-commerce business in front of a live audience and the internet.

Putting ourselves out there the past couple weeks have had an amazing positive response. We have companies around the world here to help us and willing to do what it takes to get this into a successful project. We want to take those resources and offer them up for the world to see.

We are so tired of all this secretive stuff in Amazon FBA – it’s time to show the world how it is done and put everything into it.

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