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Over the years, one of the pain points of people with a Hong Kong company has been finding a CPA for their audit needs. As our Global From Asia business has developed, we would be in the middle between the client and the CPA partner to make this a smooth process. But we have realized that there is still a lot of dependency on the CPA firm and the communication directly between the client and the accountant firm.

Therefore, we have been hard at work on a new directory of the Hong Kong CPAs. Today we are excited to announce this to the community.

Check Out the New Hong Kong CPA Directory:

What Can You Do With This CPA Directory?

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Ok, so what exactly is it? We have over 1,500 certified public accountants (CPAs) in Hong Kong who can help you with your bookkeeping and accounting. You can search the database by keyword and type of help you need.

The directory is broken up into:

* Location – do you want the CPA to have an office in your neighborhood? No problem! We have set it up so that you can filter the accountants by district such as Central, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, and more.

* Type of Work – not all accountants do the same type of work. Here you can check the listing and see if they are specialized in audits, bookkeeping, or special tax situations like offshore filing.

* Email – Over half of these accountants have emails! Yes, they do have some technology experience, counter-intuitive to what you may have experienced already. Send them a note and get in touch with them directly.

* Website – Want to read up on who they are and their business history. Just over half have a website for you to look at, though we have to admit a lot of them need to do a facelift on the sites.

* Phone Number – Probably the best way to get through to them is by giving them a call. We list phone and fax number when available.

* Address – Stop by their offices. Soon we will list office hours, but you can make a safe bet they will be open 9am to about 5 or 6pm Monday to Fridays.

* More coming soon – We will be regularly updating the listings and hope to add more information as it develops. A lot will be based on your input and how you are using the system.

What’s The Long Term Plan?

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So where are we going from here? This is just a small step towards a big goal. Our job here at Global From Asia is to make it easier for people to do business in Asia – starting in Hong Kong. While we did do the full service agency for a while – we see ourselves more as a platform to help you find the right service provider than to be in the middle.

As we grow, we will add more specialists, like lawyers, company secretaries, bankers, and other service providers who can help you achieve your business goals.

Once we get more familiar with the system, we will also add in feedback, so that you can rate your experience with these service providers. As we know there are some outstanding Hong Kong CPAs, there are some who are quite overworked and get behind on regular communication. So having a rating system will let the cream rise to the top, as they say.

And even further down the road is a bidding system. Want to get a quotation on your audit from a few different auditors? Complete a request for an audit on the system and have these CPAs bid for your business. Choose the CPA you would like to work with, and maybe even have payment held in our escrow system. This is a work in progress and we want to know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Are You a CPA or Service Provider? Welcome!

If you’re a Hong Kong accountant and reading this – welcome! Please check our directory out and give us feedback. Not listed? Well we want you there! The more quality and professional firms we have, the better service we can provide to our visitors and clients.

Here’s how to get started making your listing in our CPA directory.

A Milestone In Making Business in Asia Easier For You

This is the first step in making an online platform to make business easier for YOU! We know you’re traveling around the world, and you don’t have time. Getting matched up with the right service provider will help you keep on top of the business upkeep while also keeping your eye focused on actually doing business!

So check out the new CPA directory and let us know what you think!

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  1. Chan William

    Thanks Michael for coming to our office and adding us in their HK CPA listing directory. We are looking forward to working more closely with you in the future!!



    Wall CPA Limtied

    1. Michael Michelini

      My pleasure William – it was great to meet you and looking forward to knowing you and your firm more – helping clients fro around the world do business here and in Asia!

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