The Ultimate Asia Bank Directory

Hong Kong and Singapore are top financial centers in Asia as well as the world. With plenty of banks to choose from, we do our best to document them all in this directory.

Building & Maintaining The Ultimate Bank Directory

Looking for a place that has all your banking information in 1 easy to find and use spot?

Thought so!

Here at Global From Asia, banking has been a blessing and a curse. Blessing because we have connected with so many amazing readers and been able to work with them on their offshore banking setup, but a curse because it has become such a nightmare to deal with – even for us!

So we are taking even more drastic measures – and working on building one of the most complete and extensive bank directories on the internet. Already we have epic blog posts and guides on banking in Hong Kong and the United States with more guides coming for Singapore, Malaysia, and others.

How Does It Work?

So we built out dedicated directories for each region and then tried to be as complete for each banking option in that country – so – because Global From Asia started as a Hong Kong podcast, and that is where our agency is based, we started with Hong Kong banks

Check out our Hong Kong bank directory to get an idea of what we are building.

Inside each country’s bank directory, we will include basic information such as:

* Bank profile – a little bit of history about the bank, when it was established, what types of banking products it offers. Get familiar with a bank and try to impress the banker during your appointment. Because they will that nonsense question in the interview where they say “Why do you choose our bank over others” (obviously natural answering being because I just need a freaking bank account ma’am/sir!). But instead of the obvious answer, you can spit back to them there bio and boost their ego on their ability to have this bank on their Linkedin profile!

* Branch locations – this is where you can go if you want to visit them. We try to list out the commercial and retail branch locations, but if they only have high net worth operations there or other special offices, we will do our best to be as complete as possible.

* SWIFT code (or BIC code)* – and one of the annoying things I always have when wiring money to someone is – what is their SWIFT code. So we make it easy for you to link to someone what the SWIFT code of your bank is – or what the SWIFT code is for a supplier you are going to transfer  funds to.

* Company Logo – We will want to show the logo of the bank. This way you can have their brand in your dreams at night, especially the night before your banker’s appointment. Engrain their beautiful corporate logo and image in your mind for your epic interview on the day of.

* Images of the Bank – we want YOU to help us. Submit images you have of the bank. Help other visitors on Global From Asia to prepare themselves for this banking experience. Contact us and we would love to add it to the correlated bank.

* Banking Reviews – now this is tricky, but we will soon add a review section. This is where you can rant and rave about all these wonderful banks.

We will add more information for each as this banking directory grows and evolves – but for now we are still sure this will be helpful.

Also Adding Insurance Companies

A “sister” of banks is insurance businesses. Many times the banks also have an insurance division, and we want to cover these as well. Also, be prepared to get “up-sold” insurance products during your bank interview. Often this is how the bankers earn their commission and their banks make profit (with interest rates so low what do you expect).

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What Is a Swift Code?

A SWIFT code is an international standard for bank transfers. So old that it was used when I worked in banking on Wall Street (yes, that is OLD!). This will be the most common code you will need when creating wire instructions.

What is a BIC Code?

A BIC code is similar to SWIFT code but more common in Europe.

Submit Your Banking Images & Information Here

We need you! Our GFA community has been submitting news and updates to help make the site what it is. Same goes for these banking directories – send us news, photos, and other insights so we can help each other.

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