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Welcome to the first episode of the first season – Ecommerce Gladiator. This is a show that has spun from the new e-commece venture we are starting – opening up an Amazon FBA business.

What is a gladiator? A man (or woman) in the arena. I truly believe in today’s environment the modern gladiator is the e-commerce seller. Faced with a lot of obstacles – from finding the product, buying it from the factory, dealing with shipping – and then – once you get it ready – you gotta sell it – jump through hoops on Amazon seller central, listing – fend off copy cats on your product and your listing copy. The feedback battle with buyers potentially using the product and then asking for a refund.

The battle just continues. It is also a journey – the journey of a struggle. Of a business owner from zero to hero.

So this is what Ecommerce Gladiator is – to celebrate the “seller in the arena”, all the blood, sweat, and tears of putting yourselff out there and making a business selling products online.

We will host this TV show monthly, and the theme in season 1 is we follow this new e-commerce business venture. Today we are incorporating and getting our founder contracts settled. As we progress – the stakes will get higher, we need to make it for Christmas rush.

So, we also hope this motivates you to take ACTION. Even since launching our new ecommerce venture we have talked to many entrepreneurs who are opening their own Amazon Seller Central Accounts. They are in for the ride with us – to be a gladiator too. We are so excited to see that, and want you to see success in your own ecommerce business with us.

You can follow the show and other information at EcommerceGladiator.com

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Guests

  • How to structure the company

    Even some non-Americans use US companies as the bank fees and other policies are smoother.

  • How to Form it with Partners

    The best way to solve that is to have clear contracts in place from the beginning.

  • Questions from fans

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

E-commerce Gladiator
√ Mike Michelini, co- host and CEO of Para Living Inc
√ Mariko Amekodommo, co-host
√ Edward Jacobson, US attorney
√ Cadrian Chan, CMO Para Living Inc
√ Jack Pinkerman, CFO Para Living Inc
√ Roland Bernath, COO Para Living Inc
√ Meir Simhi, partner and advisor of Para Living (and our inspiration)

Show Length: 20:22

Next show we will dig into the sourcing of the business and product selection outcomes.

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Full Transcription:

Episode 001 – Ecommerce Gladiator

Mike : Thank you everybody for tuning in to our first Ecommerce Gladiator TV series, I’m Mike Michelini, we have with us Mariko.

Mariko : Thank you everyone for being here today.

Mike : Yeah.

Mariko : So MIke, you had great success with Global From Asia, you were in the Ecommerce arena for a very long time, like over 8 years, what made you decide to get back into it and launch Ecommerce gladiator?

Mike : Sure, so Global From Asia’s gonna be 4 years old in October. Start as the podcast in 2013. I hadn’t got in Ecommerce in 2012. When I was doing a startup in China, and mobile app. And we started this podcast and it’s been amazing way to meet so many experts in the industry and import export in Ecommerce. But there was normal people being secretive about what their products were, their tactics were, and sometimes I felt like I could do it better than a lot of people I was even talking to. So about a month ago, Gary V (Gary Vaynerchuk) was in Hong Kong at the rise conference. I got to see one of his sessions, somebody ask him what is the influence or what is the KOL and he says it’s different than a blogger, it’s not just like documenting and talking about but it’s actually taking action and making others also be motivated to take action with you, and so from that and even in the space they open up, rocket space here, Allen Chiu, I interviewed him in the podcast, he’s co-founder, you guys see him in more video, so in all these lined up and we just come out the gate and make it happen.

Mariko : See, you had an open call for applications with submissions from all around the world, tell me about the response and the process for selecting people.

Mike : Sure of course, I think in anything in life and business you got put yourself out there. Of course it’s a little bit never rockin, if anybody’s gonna be interested in it. Even apply, but we were overwhelmed with the applications, people will give me video applications writing full paragraph, they’ve been following the show for so many years, they like my family, and they really wanna get to know me and they trust me, wanna work with me, wanna also take action and be part of this case study in business. So we have people from all parts of the world. Europe America, China, applicants are just amazing. The hardest part for me is actually saying No to people. So many amazing people like the heart, really the, people were just like saying that anybody, if there’s anybody I would work it for equity, you know put my time and risk, somebody like you, I was really taken, take my breath away.

Mariko : Got it. That is incredible. So I know one of the things that everyone has been following your journey and applied is the waiting for today of the announcement of the selected partners.

Mike : Sure. we have some of them in this very room, Cadrian Chen, he’s gonna be one of our partners, with 25% equity and he’s investing 25,000 dollars and we also have Roland in Europe in Bucharest, he’s with the company, our COO, he’s been in operations, he put a couple of thousand dollars, he’s been puzzling, he’s got a lot of KPI’s to meet. We have with us also Jack Pinkerman, he’s watching now, he’s in North Carolina, he’s retired 57 year old American, spent 7 years living in China with the Chinese wife and kids, and then Mayer Seidman, Israeli entrepreneur here in Shenzhen, he’ll be 5% owner, as well as advisor and then I’ll be a partner as well of course.

Mariko : See. you really have a global team.

Mike : Yeah. a couple of major, almost major time zone, parts of the world, it’s really exciting.

Mariko : Well this is really exciting journey that you’re about to undertake. People want you know, to follow along where can they do that.

Mike : Sure, yeah, I mean more domains, we have special domain for this, we have Ecommercegladiator.com which of course from Global From Asia site. So we have audio podcast we’ve all been doing, this is our first video TV show, we’re gonna do this monthly and we’re gonna be documenting and sharing the ins and outs, we’re gonna bringing in experts to also give us advice and help us along the way, along this journey, so that’s the best way.

Mariko : Alright, that’s fantastic.

Mike : Yeah it’s really exciting. And then for those on the video, you can watch some video clips of our partners.

Mariko : Okay, alright to get more details on, you know everything they just need to log in Ecommercegladiator.com and go from there.

Mike : Yeah, it’s put all on, out there.

Mariko : Thank you.

Mike : Yeah, alright, so again, our next clip is part of this journey, of we have with us, Edward Jacobson. So when Edward, when I was doing this of course I have to figure out what’s the right way to structure this to make sure we keep everybody happy, everybody keeps interests aligned. And there’s a few questions we had, he’s already in our podcast series to talk about it, more about popular shows. So first you wanted to quickly introduce yourself.

Edward : Hi, I’m Edward Jacobson, I’m an attorney from US. My partner and I have a company in Hong Kong and we’re used to mobile, we move around and and mostly based in Shenzhen.

Mike : Okay and so there was a few questions I had like, we have an application everywhere and I was really really overwhelmed so I have remember we have met some meetups in the community and I was like, Edward how do we restructure this new company, and we’re talking about how to handle different people’s interests and investment amount and, so we register in America, we register in Delaware, there’s a, it’s more of a business reason, actually we’re trying easier to do Hong Kong company, a lot of people who do know me a Hong Kong company person, we did a Delaware company because in Amazon as a US citizen, we had few Americans as well as me as part of this. I actually, Cadrian is US citizen, right?

Cadrian : Yeah.

Mike : So we, we have to have a US entity to sell on Amazon, without, we can’t actually do overseas, so that was one of the requirements, and also, we were looking at different structures as well. We’re looking of any new ways, some inputs or you wanna share about.

Edward : Well, when you approached me, you said you had a business reason, you needed a US entity, so that was the starting point. Often, for business like this, most people especially small businesses think LLC or an S Corp, this seems special roles for S Corps, and you can have a foreign shareholder, and there’s a complications if you have a foreign shareholders or members from LLC. An LLC and S Corp, are tax like partnership. Which means they have go through taxation. So basically, it says if there’s a partnership and the foreign member of an LLC, if it was an LLC didn’t check the box to be treated as a corporation would be treated as a trade business in US, and they would have to file US tax return which is not, I mean, I don’t know the personal circumstances, but I suggested probably not the best way to go in a foreign shareholder, so you decided to, after this discussion, to go with the corporation, and I think your previous guest suggested Delaware, Delaware certainly a popular destination or a place to register a company.

Mike : Yeah, got it, so we have structured that, we wanna make sure that everybody, for me especially, I’ve been working so hard to make good content, build trust in the community, the worst thing for me is to break that trust. We had to make some agreement, we missed something the term sheet to start, give me some suggestion, so term sheet is a spreadsheet an excel, google spreadsheet, we list down the amount of capitals, shares, different investing period, and then we’re working on shareholder agreement now, maybe give a preview shareholder agreement that were working on.

Edward : Well, backing up I think when you’re forming a company with others, it’s a good idea to start with the term sheet and talk about the difficult terms, talk about the situation, we talk about this in a podcast, talk about the situation if someone leaves early, if someone doesn’t pay when they are supposed to pay, if someone doesn’t work. You know, rather than sometimes people start with an agreement, and they try to make the agreement work for them, and I kinda think it’s better to start with just terms, and that’s why I give you the term sheet, what else did you ask?

Mike : So we’re making a contract now. We’re already doing the business together, I know a lot of you would like to sign a contract right away. But we have a term sheet and we, I incorporate already in Delaware so the company is already going. We already registered at Amazon Delaware account, a bank account is in process, we’re trying to make it for Christmas, I think we also say, I register a company before we had a partners confirmed to save time.

Edward : Oh that is absolutely okay, I mean typically one person register a company and then you’ll sell your shares, or find your investors, now you guys have a term sheet, agreed on the major terms, Greg and I would work on the shareholder agreement, but you guys should get busy, don’t wait for us, you don’t need to wait for us. We’re making agreement that fits your term sheets and if there’s questions by shareholders, we will work them out and it will be in process.

Mike : Yup, and I think we have upon discussion, ‘coz don’t like templates, so we download the template and you guys kinda tore it up a little bit, he wanted me to give a little brief of summary of downloading the template from the website.

Edward : Yeah, there’s always a tension when you start a business, I mean your resources are limited, and it certainly not surprising to hear that some people, they went to lawyer, or to have a lawyer to work on something and they get some astronomical amount, and my feeling is okay, just try another lawyer, there’s so many lawyers out there. The problem with downloading a contract and sometimes it works, and let’s just say there’s a trade contract, you download, you have contract with someone, you don’t have any problem you walk away and thinking, you can see there was no problem. The issue is when there is a problem and you if download a contract you’re an engineer, imagine if I have all the parts of an Iphone, and I give it to him who is not engineer and say put it together, do you think that Iphone will work?

Cadrian : There’s some problem that will arise maybe, the integration, maybe a problem.

Edward : I would bet if that Iphone will work. And that’s maybe not a fair example but a lot of times when you download, for contracting you have all the major parts there but they don’t make sense. And there’s some major, but the very least, we suggested on the show, the very least, is if you want to download the form, that can be okay, a lot of times it could be okay, but if it’s bad, it could really be bad, the very least is for the lawyer to review, something at the very end.

Mike : Got it, so what do you think the next step we just do business as usual, we got you, on speed dial, we just call you whenever you want, day and night.

Edward : Yeah, we love that. Absolutely get started, start doing yourself, we got a shareholder agreement done in the next day, or couple of days or weeks, and then will put it in the place and you guys can set up the bank account, you can click on the funds, you can use that to issue, but for now imagine, you have a lot of things to do outside of what we’re going to do for you, Greg and I will do that.

Mike : Yeah. So again, I think also just for a summary from discussion with you is, it’s better to do upfront right, if you’re gonna work with business partners, especially for me, I think it was crazy, I haven’t meet some of the partners in the company yet in real life, so to have a contract in place is effective, it is, a lot of times we’re business partnership, people shake hands and they, they start doing business.

Edward : I think the way you’re doing it is right and you had some hard conversations after our talks with your partners and you worked out the best of the schedule, you’ve worked out the capital amounts, the shareholder agreement now will get done, absolutely agree sometimes people going to business, and you don’t know, you might ever figure out, you might have someone who just wants to get their equity and then as soon as things get rough they just have no intention other than to get equity, so have those conversation from the beginning and agreement in place, as I said on the podcast, it’s important to talk about what ifs, talk about all that, you know when, when intelligent capable people get together sometimes they talk about the blue skies, they talk about how wonderful things could be, so here comes the lawyer, who’s running and afraid and say hey wait a minute let’s talk about this and this have this conversation, have this conversation in place, take a moment, away from the blue skies, and excitement of the new business, and have that conversation and it can avoid a lot of trouble later on.

Mike : Okay, as so for those on our Facebook live, thank you so much for tuning in, we’re gonna cut the live feed now, you can check out the recording later, and we will keep you posted so thanks for tuning in to the Facebook live. Okay, yeah, this is a cool thing about recording, we can cut stuff, alright. So, Mariko, you’re here first time to China?

Mariko : Yeah, very first time to China I am very inspired, after, following everything that you’ve been doing listening to the podcast, 10 year business visa to China, so thank you for working me in your country.

Mike : Oh yeah. And thanks for your help, she’s from Los Angeles, right America, and you work for a lot of influencer, hopefully can get some big names on the show in the future.

Mariko : Yes. you know, my experience working on TV, working with bloggers, working in doing my PHD in marketing, what is all coming down to this days, is influencers, and a lot of people concerns more than, even celebrities, people you know are more likely to buy from micro influencer from celebrity, because the trust, and what I think especially on what you’re doing in Ecommerce gladiator, you’re trying to give back transparency, just trying to build trust, I think it’s gonna be a really important part added, and you know I work a lot of, a lot of startups it’s really important to just kinda understand who your audiences beforehand, even before we make a lot of products, even early stages, it’s kind of understanding you know, who you want to, you know, be an influencer kind of how you want them to portray your, you know, your products or your business, so I think it’s important to start thinking about that in early stage instead of after that.

Mike : Yeah i totally agree, so now we’re talking about marketing, let’s bring on Cadrian, so, how you feel man? Are you ready for this?

Cadrian : Yeah, I feel very excited, so a bit about myself.

Mike : Yeah please introduce yourself.

Cadrian : So I worked as a software engineer and then came back to Hong Kong and got into product development, front management in software and I happened to work in Ecommerce company, actually I worked and help them ecommerce platform for their China ecommerce business so while I was working there I developed my interest in ecommerce, my dream was to have my own brand and I also knew Mike from some of the startup events and then we talk about that, I talked about business and amazing opportunity so yeah here I am.

Mike : Awesome alright great, so just came to from Hong Kong today, right? Even the typhoon and everything, I don’t know if they let you cross the border.

Cadrian : A lot of traffic but finally made it.

Mike : Awesome awesome, dedication right there, so, very cool and so youre Hong Kong born and US educated.

Cadrian : Right.

Mike : You actually, immigration process in the US, you are like me here, you’re an American, that’s awesome. We will also talk about company structure, and you’ll be investing as individual.

Cadrian : Right.

Mike : You’ve been asking Edward also, is that okay, I’m actually gonna invest in a Hong Kong company, I think Meyer’s investing with Hong Kong holding company, I think Jack’s personal but as far as the company structure, it’s fine however anybody would like to hold it, as a partner, as investor.

Edward : Yeah, a shareholder.

Mike : You put me on the spot, shareholder.

Edward : It’s a company that we get in and wanna get this term sheet.

Mike : I always getting nervous.

Edward : So for a corporation, you have shareholder, shareholders in the company, that’s fine. Greg mentioned that your plan in the beginning, is to do an official and selection which mean you pay salary, bonuses, something kinda zero out the income so that when the corporation files a tax return, there will be basically non taxes an official and selection.

Mike : Great.

Edward : But if they want to invest in a company, I don’t see, I don’t think it’s a problem.

Mike : Yeah some people, some of them, some wanted to do it as Hong Kong company as offshore company, some of them individuals, but anyway, we’re gonna make an amazing brand, we have the company name, it’s Para Living Inc. So for spanish speakers, para is for or with, at least for living, we researching names so the domain is available paraliving.com so there’s a wordpress site now actually, we’re not wasting anytime, we’re getting things going and we’re gonna make a big brand, Cadrian and I were talking, he also asked me, he wants to make a global brand, so sourcing thing is we’re gonna do Chinese Ecommerce, next year is our plan, but I think one thing is focus, so we’re starting with Amazon FBA, I had actually interviewed just today Greg Mercer, from Jungle Scout and CEO, he’s all in, on Amazon FBA, but whether you are all in Amazon or not, I think it’s the great place to start. So Cadrian and I and other partners were talking about it. We wanna start there build up the brand then use that, I think, in Chinese Ecommerce it’s good to have like US or international sales, so we wanna leverage that, maybe do you wanna talk about some of your strategy, or idea or thinking for the brand building.

Cadrian : Hold on. Product selection? Yeah, the reason we’re focusing in that FBA is we’re still starting up so the next time is to focus in our resources into one of the channels first and FBA is a tested channel and I’m sure we all have experienced working in FBA, it’s more like we have a framework to follow, so the road map will be more clear. And then for the product selection, since you know, we’re building something around living, we’ve been thinking about home living and smart home device or wearables.

Mike :Yeah so our plan, we had our first team call on a Saturday night. What time was that, 8pm Or hardcore man, in international it’s hard because we had Jack in the US it’s Saturday morning for him, Roland it was 2pm, for us and Meyer it was 2pm, I was on the beach if you could see I got a little sunburn, Wendy’s are trying to get rid of it. Skin peeling on the TV show today, anyway yeah I wake up, I can work, I can talk to anyone one of our partners or business colleagues, so we’re moving full speed ahead were doing product research now, we’re doing some tools, one of our sponsors, Global Sources for the show, globalsources.com is a great place for us to research some products and trade show, and we have Jungle Scout, Helpscout we got a trial on also have, Google Adwords, where we get some tricks and tips from Meyer about some product search, will talk about in future shows, so, I think the idea is by the end of this week, we wanna have another meeting, we start to pick few products to start with because our goal is Christmas, right? So how are you feeling? Are you got some?

Cadrian : I think the beauty of ecommerce, everyone and the partners can work together online. So we’re like super efficient. Yeah so this Friday I already have a few products in mind, so the other partners they have their idea. We’ll have some clash of ideas and see who has the best product selection.

Mike : Yup, we tried to make it data driven as much as possible so it’s not personal, but we have, there’s so much data with Ecommerce and internet business as you can see the sales, past sales you can see kinda predict future sales, seasonal trends, it’s been really exciting times and we also need Mariko to help us, we have some tips for us to get involved with influencers, should do that right away, or, we need reviews, anybody wants to leave us Amazon reviews.

Mariko : Ohh I think you know, kinda going back to what you say is data driven, and i’ve always been you know data driven person when it comes to marketing working with influencer, so I think part of it is working at who are the top influencers and how much do this influencer charge, so they going great for an influencers, it’s usually about 2 to 3 cents per follower, so you think someone’s got a million followers on Instagram, that’s gonna be a really grain resource for you, but you kinda got to see if there’s the budget you also have to see what type of products, you know they’re selling, so you know the kind of, there’s a data part of it but there’s also kinda hard to look into data, you know there’s a lot of tools out there for monitoring influencer engagement but they’re not really after it so many much as can do, do diligent and seeing what are keeping in trusted in right now. What influencers were introducing products before anyone else was and the other part, too, is a lot of influencers they have so many fans, they have so many people that are reaching out to them, what is the next cosmetic to be using, what is the next you know, digits that I need to play with, what is the next cooking gadget, so you know part of it is is, influencers they are really happy to help, like you wanna find a good influencer, the good one, only happy to you know to give you that advice that will work with you they know they’ll gonna make money out of you, they only wanna you know, theyre gonna make money of that products, they only wanna promote products, you know they can make money often, one of the first steps you know kinda just going on YouTube, to do going on Instragram, going on Facebook you know finding the people that you might wanna you know message thing, like hey I want your products, I’m entrusted and intentionally using you as influencers, what kind of feedback do you have on your fans right now I think that is a good way to start and not gonna cost you any money and so it’s a just additional way for you do that research.

Mike : Awesome and will need your help, too. Alright and so we’re actually, were planning for our next month, it’s actually a monthly show, we have a weekly podcast, in audio which is much longer format but our shows getting towards the end we get questions I wanna answer some questions we’ve been getting from a lot of our audience, our listeners, actually can ask some of you guys some answers, some of them are still thinking that we’re crazy for doing this publicly, I guess if I may ask Cadrian, you actually think it’s a good idea for us to be so transparent, just one of the reasons you applied, so what do you, maybe you could give some idea to some asking why sharing so much.

Cadrian : I think sharing with the community, we can have a lot of feedback, constructive feedbacks, and I think in this industry, often people are very secret, about what they’re doing and how they select the product but I personally think that, the world has becoming more sharing economy, right. So, actually the ideas are bombarding between the community and is going to help us a lot.

Mariko : I also think that a lot of people think that there’s not enough to go around, there’s always, I always hear the analogy, you know you have a piece of a pie that is not enough pie for everyone else because it’s limited but that’s not the way it is in Ecommerce, there’s so many products, there’s so many people that are excited to buy, and I think there’s enough to go around and I think there’s also a lot of power and just being able to you know make it bigger and bigger and help them empower everyone around you.

Mike : It’s true, it’s the abundance mindset, right, if they call it, so a lot of you have a scarcity mindset, where they feel like that the world is this market is this big, this ony is big is not growing, the other way is red sea blue sea, I think that is, is that Chinese red sea blue sea?

Cadrian: Oh red sea, blue sea, yeah, yeah.

Mike: I’ve learned that in Chinese businessman told me that once, a red sea is when their, I guess when the ocean is not so big and people have to fight each other and there’s lots of blood in the water, but if you go out to the open sea, so blue is lot of ships, lot of business there, so I think Ecommerce is growing, I mean even though there’s so many things going out to Amazon today, going to Ecommerce there’s still huge market in growth, it sound brutal but killing those big bucks retailers, taking a lot of market shares, still a lot of opportunity I think in Ecommerce, so I think there’s still plenty of chance for everybody, even people just get involved today. So another question is, people asked me is the legal amount like sharing numbers, sharing thinks maybe ever, or others can, are we ok to share so publicly I mean public companies doing right, like Amazon and others they have to share their numbers.

Edward : I don’t know why you’re asking me that’s not a legal question, that’s more on strategic question.

Mike : Ok it’s legal to do that.

Edward : I don’t know, to talk about your business?

Mike : Ok well I guess some people have many saying is it safe or possible to share so your numbers in publicly?

Edward : Yeah, I don’t know how you doing that, I think the question is still more strategy, like do you really wanna talk about some of your inner workings publicly, but that’s more of you guys to see.

Mike : I, it’s not yet release but I was literally at the studio here today recording another podcast for upcoming podcast with Greg with Jungle Scout, so I told them, we have about 30,000, 35,000 dollars right now working capital, and we’re gonna, I asked him how much do we invest in the inventory, I think the majority of what we’re gonna invest is the inventory for Ecommerce Amazoner brand. So he suggested, put up 15,000 dollars to start, he said maybe split our cost to different per products, 5,000 dollars each and into different products after our research, because maybe later this week, there’s 4 partners maybe we could pick 3 products at 4 people and buy it buy it, so I know this is not legal question, so he’s looking at me like I’m a lawyer.

Edward : You’re looking at me, it get sounds exciting but, legally you’re fine dude.

Mike : Okay, and Cadrian what do you think? You’re fine, right, we’ll get 3 products 5,000 each.

Cadrian : Yeah, I think 3 is a good number to start with, because we want to focus on our resources.

Mike : Okay cool, so those are couple of my more popular questions I’ve been getting into my application process and, like I had wechat messages from Chinese Amazon sellers, begging me to not do these, they were like, paragraphs and paragraphs, paragraphs of WeChat messages, that this is a big mistake. He said don’t you know why we don’t share our products, we don’t share our numbers, he’s like don’t you realize why most people don’t do it, there must be a reason, and I mean he’s telling me that as a friend you know but I still doing it, so he’s still trying to convince me not do it, but we’re doing it, and it’s gonna be amazing, we’ve also got some really amazing service providers to contact us, that wanna help us along the journey, people want to help us in Europe, and people wanna you know, Cadrian in China, my wife Wendy, Chinese of course, so she could help, its been really amazing so, I wonder if people in the audience, if somebody is brave enough to come on, we have some more time, we can have some audience questions about the business, about the strategy, about anything we’ve been talking about so far, if you’re interested we can keep going a little bit, but if somebody here wants to share a question to us, anybody here, they can do that, if not we will keep rolling, so we were getting towards the end of TV series and Mariko you gonna come back?

Mariko : I am gonna comeback, I’ve got my 10 year visa now you’ll probably see a lot of me. I will be in Vietnam but it was short by the way.

Mike : Yeah , so you’re going back tomorrow.

Mariko : I am, I’m not ready to leave yet believe it’s true, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful country everyone’s been so welcoming and friendly.

Mike : Yeah she had a one night in Beijing. Like the song.

Mariko : Oh my God I finally know that buttons for, on the bathroom, emergency buttons yeah so the concierge at the Intercontinental was so great. Pick the button so I was like they’re like half-naked in my robe, it’s like oh my god. He came brought me pillows, blankets and a doctor, I’ve got some like e-fluid a ginger tea.

Mike : Wow, yes Saturday night there was song one night in Beijing, it’s Cadrian’s favorite song.

Cadrian : Yeah, really.

Mike : Awesome, and yeah I love to have you back it’s a short flight, we’re working on getting you involved with the TV series you’ve really help already today, by saving me a little bit, putting the show together.

Mariko : And you also have things going on in Vietnam. You’re doing like your meetups.

Mike : Yeah we have a chapter in Saigon where you’re staying so we have a meetup on August 31st in Saigon again, the third one, so we’re starting up a chapters in Hanjou we have Lorenzo set up meetup this Thursday in Hanjou, we have one in Shanghai September yeah, we’re going Global From Asia.

Mariko : Exciting.

Mike : Alright, so ok everyone tune in next time we’re gonna talking deeper into our products, the products that we choose we’re gonna talk about quality control find from factories, it’s gonna be all the fun stuff people in the audience, we’re in China but a lot of you watching will learn a lot about manufacture, we will get some experts here about, find for factories, quality control inspection, logistics and shippings, so it’s gonna be really not involved in making sure you get the right product from China to FBA, will talk about some of the products that Cadrian and I and the rest of the team shows and how we went, shipment by then, but were moving pretty fast, Ecommercegladiator.com for al information, all blogs, audio podcast, TV shows, and more. Thank you for watching.

Mike : Alright this is our first half of tonight show, we have Zach is here or maybe preparing outside, we have, we’re gonna move that to big room, so we’ll gonna take 10 minutes break, will move the chairs there, we have powerpoint for him, she starts about quarter to 8? Okay 8 o’clock, networking, some snacks, that’s Wendy my wife, so that if you have bad things to say about me, tell her.

End of Audio.

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