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Our GFA media division is where our roots are. We started Global From Asia as a podcast to help business owners learn more about doing business via Hong Kong. That evolved into Asia, and we have books, courses, blogs, tv shows, newsletters and more that have grown from sharing knowledge and connecting with other business owners.

GFA Podcast

We started as a podcast. So this is the first on the list!

The podcast covers topics from business, corporate, to lifestyle for international business owners.

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Every Thursday at 9pm Hong Kong time we send out a weekly newsletter. This is a good balance of industry news, as well as our latest blogs and podcasts for the week.

We work hard to keep the most relevant and freshest news in the industry compiled in a simple and direct weekly letter.

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Want to see the inside of a business in Asia? We have a TV series where go inside of a business in China and other parts of Asia to see how they operate. Meet the owners, see the team working in action, and learn how business in Asia is really done.

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Mike’s Blog

Want a more personal view of living in China and other parts of Asia? Our host, Michael Michelini, has a regular video blog (Vlog) where he shares his perspective as well as personal life adventures on doing business, and raising a family, in China and other parts of Asia. A mix of personal and business, these five minute videos come out about weekly.

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China Business Cast

Want a focused show on all things China business? This is a partner podcast, China Business Cast, where we interview business owners in China to find out the real issues and strategies to grow your business inside China. Twice a month co-hosts Shlomo and Mike put out a new episode, tune in today!

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