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It is about time we make a news update on what is happening inside the hustling and growing Global From Asia team.

Cross Border Summit Second Annual on April 21-22, 2017

We are fully pushing forward to making another successful annual summit. Last years’ was a huge success and we have grown it now from a one day to a two day event. Even more people have been reaching out and excited for this one and I am personally so excited I marked it for my own birthday celebration.

We decided to have it at the same venue as last year as everyone loved the mix of rooftop and indoor area, along with the food and seminars in the same vicinity.

Less than 3 weeks away now, so the pressure is on!

Check out the details of our Cross Border Summit at

New Marketplace For Asia Based Services

Since starting this podcast, our listeners (I call them friends!) have been looking for quality and trusted service providers to help them with their business. Of course I can try to make some affiliate commission with tracking codes like other podcasts do, but with the international and B2B style of this business category, a lot of communication goes into it before the deal is done, and I am often forgotten.

Plus, a lot of the introductions I made was lost in translation and massive timezone difference delays. So this new marketplace is going to do its best to solve the problem of all the “high friction, high touch” required in doing business in Asia and B2B. We are still in the process of explaining this to our network of service providers, but decided to slowly open it up to the public.

CAn’t wait to see more and more entrepreneurs and business owners overseas being able to do business in Asia as easily as clicking a buy now button. We have feedback, easy payment (credit card, paypal, bank transfer, etc), and dispute resolution. Let’s continue to work t together to make global business easy to do from your laptop in a Starbucks!

How does GFA make money? We take a percentage from the service provider.

And we are an open platform – meaning we want to let service providers we have yet to meet to be able to list their services and let the market determine if they are quality or not with our feedback system. I have already been getting emails from new service providers I haven’t known before, so this is really exciting to be able to further know the market and build relationships in the space.

New Job Board For Asia Based BUSINESS Opportunities

We know, you can come out to China and get a job teaching English. But the Global From Asia job board will NOT allow English teaching jobs to be placed. We are a network of business owners, so we want to solely focus on business jobs in China, Hong Kong, and other parts throughout Asia.

This one is FREE! I really just want to reduce my email box from people on both sides – getting a lot of people wanting to HIRE “hustlers” with experience in marketing and sales, and on the other side the HUSTLER who is listening to the podcast and wanting to leave USA and get a QUALITY and BUSINESS related job in China. So let’s make this happen and change lives for the better.

Again, this is something I wish existed when I was first getting started in China. Imagine I could find amazing business job opportunities before moving over here. Sure, I had my own entrepreneur venture going, but could have probably found a nice part time gig related to what I was doing to get some experience and meet some other business owners.

So check this new directory out at

More Seminars and Events Coming for 2017

Seems everyone loves “offline” events where we meet in person. Maybe VR (virtual reality) can change this in the future, but for now, it is true – no matter how many calls I have or webinars – seeing people face to face is hard to beat.

So we have a growing list of events and training seminars on our page over at where you can find cool business events (for a fee, we focus on quality and smaller events over free and low quality) that are happening when you want to get some business networking done.

VIP Membership

This is something that isn’t pushed enough on the blog – but we do have a member’s club called GFAVIP. Our members enjoy exclusive discounts and free offers as we get more and more on the blog. Monthly private calls, and a private forum where we talk about things that simply can’t be discussed openly on a public blog (sorry, it is true!) – I’d love to see more people who are fans and want to get more involved to join in

Please Note – 3 Different Servers and Logins (Jobs, Market, and Membership/Events)

So, already some of our readers are confused as they can’t login to one of the system with their login on another system.

Maybe in the future when we have millions in revenue we can integrate all the logins together – but our development team made separate servers and systems for each of the 3 systems we have:

* GFA VIP – this is for the membership site and events and other information products (books, course)
* – this is for the services that are sold by 3rd party service providers / sellers.
* – this is a free job directory system and you need to pick from 2 login accounts – either a candidate (looking for a job) or a recruiter (company looking to hire)

Ya, I know it’s confusing – but at the same time, you can also share different logins with your staff. If you have a HR manager in your company, you can give them the login to the jobs directory without them having to login to your VIP membership site on the blog. And same for the services marketplace, you can have your sales team login there but not get into your events and private forum access. So it did work out at the same time too.

Take Global From Asia To The Next Level – Together

So I look forward to sharing the progress of our developments in more regular progress reports here on the GFA blog. Think people always ask what we are up to here, and by having these progress reports.

These Initiatives Built Based on Your Feedback – So Please Keep It Coming

So much of what Global From Asia is today is based on your feedback. The blog comments, the emails with questions and suggestions, the reactions to different podcast interviews.

For example the marketplace was after so many introductions were made, but the payment, or the trust, or the communication was too challenging for both sides. So the idea to make a simple way where people can buy or sell their service to help our audience came to mind. Then we can link to those services in the blog and from the podcast guests. So in the future podcasts, we can link to those there.

And the job site – that is after being overloaded with people emailing needing help finding a job, and some of our podcast guests and summit speakers needing to scale up and hire more people.

We want to help first, and we are certain the market will give back to us for the long term. Serving you, our avid reader and listener, is the key to staying relevant in the market.

So please keep it coming. Leave a comment below, or if you’re shy or have private feedback contact us we want to grow with you, and be a community helping growing and scaling businesses dominate in the Asia market and around the world.

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