Third Annual Cross Border Summit April 20-21, 2018: Ascension and Enlightenment

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The team is ready for you!

The question is – are you ready?

Cross Border Summit 2018 in Shenzhen, China.

It will be our third annual conference celebrating the growth and expansion of the cross-border ecommerce and business industry between China and the world.

What Is The Cross Border Summit?

For those who haven’t heard (really?!) what Global From Asia’s annual Cross Border Summit – let’s take a quick minute to explain. In late 2015 more and more podcast listeners were visiting China for the trade show season wanting to meet up. It naturally started to become an event in and of itself, here in Shenzhen, China. At the same time, there was a clear lack of international events and business conferences for the cross border ecommerce industry.

Shenzhen is where it is happening – not Guangzhou or Hong Kong! So why are they getting all the attention and visitors?

So, the first Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen became a reality in April 2016. The rest is history. It has grown to be the event for business executives in the cross border ecommerce and import/export industry to gather to share knowledge and grow their professional network. Focusing on quality over quantity, we have decided to keep the size manageable so that you can get to know others on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Highlight of Cross Border Summit 2018: Ascension and Enlightenment

Pretty bold words and an amazing statement – Ascension and Enlightenment. In 2017 we had our first Cross Border Matchmaker 999 which brought together top Chinese and International ecommerce sellers and industry players, and the business model has been quickly changing. In 2018 we see the industry adapting to the merging of the borders and the Chinese and international sides.

Thus, once 2 sides have met each other and forged relationships, it is time to ascend to the next level. At the third annual Cross Border Summit we will do just that – pushing the bar of the industry higher and challenging the status quo.

Enlightenment, our second theme of this year’s summit is about the realization that we are all the same. Chinese, American, European, African, it doesn’t matter. Let’s focus on becoming more intelligent people with more developed skills under our belt. Let’s drop the borders and the skin color discussion and share knowledge and strategies about being a truly global organization.

New Features of this Year’s summit – Masterminds, Workshops, Networking Parties, & Business Trips

The core Cross Border Summit conference is Friday April 20 to Saturday April 21, 2018 from 9am to 6pm both days. Action packed with top notch speakers from around the world. No doubt the bar has been raised and our content will be even better than the last.

But there are people who want even more. So – we will be adding more!

  • Mastermind – On Thursday April 19, 2018 we will have a mastermind session with top speakers visiting from around the world. Danny McMillan, Manuel Becvar, Anthony Lee, and Will Tjernlund will be forming round tables for in depth sessions on your e-commerce and Amazon FBA business. Get the attention you need for your business with intimate tables of up to 8 people to ensure everyone has their fair time to share their business and what they are working on at the moment.
  • IcWorkshops – during and after the summit we will offer additional in-depth workshops. Select speakers will arrange 3 hour (or more) deep-dive courses on their specialty. As a ticket holder of the summit, you will then be able to purchase these individually.
  • Networking Parties – who doesn’t like a good time with others in your industry? This is where the real deals get done anyway, right? There have always been networking parties during the Cross Border Summit, but this year we are taking it to a whole new level and will have the organizing team more involved. Stay tuned as the official ticket holders will get the details and access to these exclusive evening networking salons.
  • Business trip(s) – we are in early discussions with partner organization about arranging trips to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair and other factory visits. This would happen on the day after the conference (Sunday April 22, 2018) and we would arrange bus transportation for those who opt in for this additional business trip.
  • Canton fair Bus – for the last few Canton fairs we have been arranging travel to/from Shenzhen to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair season. We will work with attendees to gather busloads together to make it as easy as possible to come to and from the Cross Border Summit.

Wow, typing this up makes me realize how much bigger this year’s summit will be (lot more work for me too!). We have been listening to your feedback and will be continuing to grow and adjust.

See You in April?

Hope this Cross Border Summit sounds like your kind of event. It is if you are an established business owner in the cross-border e-commerce and import/export industry. We are focusing on quality of attendees over quantity. Sure, this is China and we could pack the room with the local Shenzhen University students to practice their English to show big numbers.

This conference is not about big numbers. It is about making long term relationships, *** Business deals *** with other leaders in the industry. Many previous attendees have said one of their favorite parts of the summit is their ability to talk to the speakers afterwards and get to know the other attendees on a more personal basis.

So if you are a serious player in the cross border business industry, we want to see you at the summit. Check out our Cross Border Summit 2018 official page for the latest information on speakers, agenda, ticket prices, and more.

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