Importing a Car to Hongkong

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Owning a car is a necessity to most people, but for a country like Hongkong, owning a car is more like a vanity. Despite Hongkong’s very efficient public transport, many still choose to drive their own car around the city. Perhaps to save time in travelling, perhaps they find it more convenient, or maybe it’s just completely for vanity reasons. Driving in Hongkong is not specifically limited to locals, in fact, foreign nationals can drive their own car in Hongkong. Foreigners can even bring their own car back at home to Hongkong.

How to Import Car to Hong Kong

First off, importing a car to HongKong isn’t cheap and quick. To get started, you will need the following:

  • Environmental Protection Department application forms such as: “Vehicle Exhaust and Noise Emissions Compliance” form and “Noise Emission Certificate General Approval (NECGA)” Form– you can get these forms here.
  • Import Return Form and Declaration Form to the Customs and Excise Department
  • Certificate of Roadworthiness from the Examination Centre
  • Registration form (TD22) from Hong Kong Licensing Office of Transport Department Supporting Documents:
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration Document
  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of residence for more than six (6) months in the region from which the vehicle is imported.
  • Documents showing reasons of bringing the vehicle into Hong Kong (be it for relocation, employment, study)
  • Passport or Hongkong Identity Card
  • Original or photocopy of valid Third Party Risks Insurance Policy
  • Invoice or payment receipt of vehicle manufacturer or car distributor
  • Sales contract or purchase order of the vehicle

Steps on Importing Car to Hongkong

Step 1: Get an approval from the Environmental Protection Department – due to strict regulations on emission and noise pollution in Hongkong, your car must meet all the requirements needed in order to import the vehicle to Hongkong. You are required to prove your vehicle is fully compliant with the emission standards in the Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards)(Emission) Regulation and Noise Control (Motor Vehicles) Regulation. Read more about here.

Step2: Submit a complete declaration form to the Customs and Excise Department – must be done in 14 days to avoid hefty fines and possible imprisonment. Note that imported car are not subject to customs tax, nonetheless, there are fees to settle such as first registration fee. The amount you will have to pay depends on the vehicle’s value.

Step 3: Submit an Import Return Form at the Customs and Excise Department – must be done within 30 days to avoid hefty fines and possible imprisonment

Step4: Upon the arrival of your car, you must get your vehicle examined at To Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Center for you to get a certificate of roadworthiness.

Step 5: Register vehicle and license at Hongkong Department of Transportation. Note that you will have to pay the first registration tax, registration fee and vehicle licence fee and levy for Traffic Accident Victim Assistance Fund.

Importing Car From UK to HK


One common thing about British cars and Hongkong cars is that both have their steering wheels on the right, that’s probably why importing cars from UK is a bit common in Hongkong. As a general rule, you can only import and register right-hand drive vehicles to Hongkong. Today, there are many shipping companies that are more than willing to ship your car from UK to HK like the following: as the name implies, this company will basically deal with all of the paperwork required to get your vehicle to its destination. Ocean freight starts at £345.00, and you can easily track your shipment through their website.

First Base Freight Ltd: is a fully insured, regulated UK car shipping business and operates closely with all the ports worldwide. Cost starts from £600.

Anglo Pacific World Movers: Anglo Pacific is the United Kingdom’s foremost independent car shipping company and has been shipping cars, motor homes, motor bikes, boats and caravans to Hong Kong since 1978. Costs are calculated on the dimensions of your vehicle and the method of shipment selected.

How long does it take to ship car from UK to Hongkong?


It takes approximately 29 days to have your car shipped to Hongkong via ocean freight.

How much tax does it take to import a car to Hongkong?

As previously mentioned, all imported cars aren’t subject for custom duties. However, a tax shall be collected upon the arrival of your car. The fees actually depend on the car’s value.

The first registration tax will be derived from the taxable value of your vehicle times the appropriate tax rate. The rate is as shown below: (source)

Class of Motor VehicleRate of Tax
I.Private cars
(a) on the first $150,00040%
(b) on the next $150,00075%
(c) on the next $200,000100%
(d) on the remainder115%
II.Motor cycles and motor tricycles35%
III.(a) Goods vehicles, other than van-type light goods vehicles (LGV)15%
(b) Van-type LGV not exceeding 1.9 tonnes permitted gross vehicle weight:
on the first $150,00035%
on the next $150,00065%
on the remainder85%
(c) Van-type LGV exceeding 1.9 tonnes permitted gross vehicle weight17%
IV.Taxis, Light buses, Buses and Special purpose vehicles3.70%

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