GFATV03 – What Would I Do If I Moved to Hong Kong Today?

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If I Were To Come To Hong Kong Today And Am On A Bootstrapped Budget?

Hello everybody I’m back, So today’s interesting topic many question to ask is, if I have to come to Hong kong today last minute and I don’t have too much in the bank and I want to make something happen what would I do? So let me try my best to answer that.

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Hong Kong is a pretty expensive place and very awesome place, so majority you might be doing towards your rent, no matter where in hong kong you stay so what I first do is take a six month return ticket flight to your home country, that’s what I did, I give myself a six months ticket, and it would be a cheaper than a one way a lot of times at least when I did it in the past. So get yourself a six months ticket in the future and give yourself a six months to figure yourself out to make things happen and I would also look into the bank account in which you need at least $2,000 US per month minimum to live in Hong Kong. Of course there might be a cheaper ways but depending if you have roommates where in Hong kong, things like that but I would do is to prepare at least 2 to 3 months money in the bank to hopefully get by.

When I landed in Hong kong, what I want to do is I will use Airbnb to find stay cheaper hotels or find some descent budget ones in the internet like butterfly, there’s also like couch surfing which people still use today which is a free one and if you want something to host you. But I will get myself a week when I got here on a Couch surfing or temporary place to stay like hotels, and then look for a 3 to 6 months contract to stay in a proper apartment. Again it depends in where you want to stay and how much you want to spend and you might just want to back-up a little bit it depend on what type of business you are doing. If you are doing a services business online then maybe you don’t need a location as much in Hong kong or you don’t need to be in Downtown. New territories is way out there about 45 minutes to an hour from metro to Hong Kong island and look for best deals apartments there.

Another good one in Hong Kong is they have an Olympic, there’s this kind of factory there or warehouse where they convert it to loft which is pretty cool place to live, you might want to check out there. I also have a friend here name Andy who knows some sleep here like which offers a longer or monthly contract apartments that you can rent out, in where you could be sharing a couple of different people, if you don’t mind that.

Internet in Hong Kong is awesome, get a smart phone 4g , a sim card and also buy a 4g router which is typically small and you can get a blazing fast 4G internet speed anywhere so you could work where there are electricity to charge you phone or laptop so you would be all set for you internet, where you could use it when you are at home or you want to use that when you are outside for working or even when you are at the metro.

Another thing I would start doing is networking, even I started looking for a long-term or monthly apartment I already started networking. I go to startuphongkong, Payperclickhk which you will meet other entrepreneurs and business people at events. Maybe you want to go to some kind of startup events like bigger events or conferences to network as quickly as fast as you can and as fast as possible to see what they have for ideas, again it all depends on what type of business you are doing.

There’s a lot of service business in Hong kong like internet marketers to do, web marketing, web design, which is tons of demand and tons of businesses are looking for this. So I know a lot Entrepreneurs live in the internet and no websites and you might find few projects in there.

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So here are the useful tips that you can use if you want to start business in Hong Kong, I hope I was able to inspire you, subscribe me at https:/ you can leave your questions or comments and I love to hear them maybe we can that for future shows. Thanks for tuning in and see you on my next show!

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