GFATV04 – Getting in the Mindset to Quit Your Job and Move to China

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Today we are going to talk about how to get that mindset and prepare to come to Asia to do your business get things done. So I would like to start with a story for myself. I studied progression and I don’t wake up one day and come, so I did my Ecommerce business when I was in New York City buying a line and talking to factories in Skype using Alibaba and other websites and so and I was talking to other people.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Fake it till You Make It

    So my first point is Fake it till You Make It, I guess you hear that a lot in business and I think I had to do that at the beginning too. I don’t want to tell you to lie but sometimes leaving open ended situations or having a certain connections or network, and I had some relationships in China, so I always use my relationship I had so that’s how I can help you by from China when I first heard my sourcing business and ofcourse I was also buying already for my own business too. So that is my first point too fake it till you make it, I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and just start now and there in US or home country trying to get some sourcing deals and get some big break and come up to Asia or china and o their business, so try to use every angle you can while you are doing it.

  • Use your resources, contacts & network to help you in Hong Kong

    My next point is using your resources, contacts & networks to help you in Hong Kong. I had some friends from college that were from Hong Kong and they were back in Hong Kong after college and I contacted them through Facebook and I told them I was coming out here and they are really accommodating and helpful so I’m sure you might have some of kind of connection somewhere whether in a social networks, school network, fraternity network, professional business networks, trying to find some relationships out here before making that big jump.

  • Prepare a 3-6 months money savings

    Prepare a 3-6 months money savings, I also do think you should save up some money or also called a runway for at least 3 to 6 months so that you are not too much pressure that you need to get that money right away, so it gives you some flexibility to make right decisions, to do some research when you get out here and to make sure that you are going in the right direction. So I will try to say to save up some money back home before you come out from here and give yourself some runway. Remember I know this is a nerve racking, maybe not going to be the first in your life, people still think am I going to live in Asia for the rest of my life and I still don’t want to say that it’s true or you might be unsure and might have change. Don’t think that you are going to live China or Asia forever, just think that this is a process and experience you are going to see what it is and see if you like. So be caught up by lifelong decisions cause a lot of people seem to think that if they move somewhere it’s going to progress their life.

  • Learning Experience

    Another point is to make this as you learning experience, you may put this as cost of learning and educational cost by doing overseas business and getting international network is always an amazing experience as an Entrepreneur especially if it is outside of your element or outside of home country. You can just get this hyperactive learning on your feet, learning quickly and hassle and make this things happen. The more you stick it out and the more you can get it done the more you are going to learn, so I just want to say the worst case is to learn a lot and make this as your learning or educational experience for a lifetime for real

  • Use English website to find informations and connections

    I would also get on an English website forums for all the major cities in Asia like different expat websites where they like have bbss where you can post for jobs, look for apartments, look for boyfriends and girlfriends and getting connections like business connections before getting out in here, the more you can do the more you can prepare before the better.

  • Prepare Your Mindset

    As far as mindset goes, when you start telling people mostly of your friends or family, I never been overseas or starting you business either, though they’re going to be nervous, be scared, or they going to convinced you that it is not possible or convinced you that it is too risky or your career, your resume where I think you just going to past that, they are just trying to protect you and save you from some heartache and that’s what they are trying to do. Best way is networking online, learning, reading books, podcast, videos; nothing’s going to beat actually being here, so you can read and learn all you want online but when you actually do that first step you can really make a progress, so I would say to get out here and try it and the worst it you can lose money which is more an investment in your life for personal development, education and your networks so I don’t believe on failure and lose. Just work on that mindset, work on mentally preparing and try to surround yourself with people who have done it rather than your friends or family you grow up with.

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Hope this motivates you to make a decision if coming to China to start your business is right or not!

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