The Story of How this Podcast Started

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Totally excited to be posting this first “blog” post on the site – Its been only a week since I was inspired to get this podcast started. I have a personal blog post where I started brainstorming cranking out a podcast and I’ll start sharing below some of the episodes I have outlined, and some questions I have been considering.


As a direct result from this past weekend’s Dynamitecircle yearly DCBKK meetup, I’m finally gonna execute and start my first podcast (radio) channel – titled “Global From Asia: International Business via Hong Kong“.

I know, I know, where will I get the time for this? Well, I am going to try my best to schedule maybe Sunday or Monday morning each week to get it done – I am told the hardest part is the setup / configuration. I have already outlined the below series:

  1. Thought Process on why a Hong Kong Company is right for you
  2. Dealing with Offshore companies as a USA citizen
  3. Hong Kong Company Setup
  4. Bank account opening (HSBC)
  5. Profiling co-working spaces
  6. Government & Private Resources for Companies Starting in Hong Kong
  7. Investment Schemes for Hong Kong companies
  8. Operating Your Hong Kong company remotely
  9. Online (e-commerce) Merchant Account options
  10. Taxes, Company Audits
  11. Immigration
  12. Work Permit
  13. Education
  14. Interview various Hong Kong based startup Entrepreneurs
  15. Interview various Hong Kong based angel investors
  16. Interview various Overseas returnees to Hong Kong
  17. Interview various “offshore”-based Hong Kong companies

Why now? Well honestly, I am working on making a move from Shenzhen, China across the border to Hong Kong (for my future family, as well as the openness of the internet) – and as I research this process (immigration and education) I think they will make amazing podcasts. The earlier topics outlined I already have a ton of firsthand experience and others can help me out as well.

The content is unending, been running notes from my notebook during my travels, and have build up massive network of people in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia who would be amazing, first time ever interviewees for the podcast.

Questions I’m considering:

  • How long should each show be? – I was considering 1 hour each, but many people I’ve already talked to say that’s too long and they prefer a 30 minute seminar.
  • How often to run it – I think weekly is sufficient
  • What day to release the podcast? Thinking Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Any specific topic ideas?
  • Any other feedback or ideas?

I made a quick survey here for those who can help me out


I have a podcast kit Gary Lam hooked me up with from a couple years ago.

I’m a bit worried if the USA tax / offshore department will investigate me for helping other US citizens develop their businesses in a foreign country, but a lot of my friends tell me not to worry about it. I’m also wondering if I should put a lot of disclaimers about this as not being official “tax” or “financial planning” advice to cover myself.

Just trying to share my knowledge and connect with more international business minded entrepreneurs.





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