Chinese New Year Bonus, How Much to Give?

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Chinese New Year! Chinese staff love it, but the management has a lot of things in mind especially in ths busy season. More importantly, how much bonus to give their team before they go back to their hometowns. Stuck in this roadblock? Read on and get tips on how much Chinese New Year bonus to give your staff!

Finding Developers in China

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Getting stumped on how to recruit Chinese developers for your company? Here are some input and mindset you should have before even starting your recruitment process. Get some tactical tips on finding and attracting top Chinese technical talent for your startup or tech company.

ICP License for Chinese Website Hosting

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Are you having problems with your website being blocked in China? Ever wondered why it is being blocked in the first place? You might need a Chinese hosting package. Read this article to learn why your website is blocked or learn a few tips to have your website load fast in China or get a license called ICP – Internet Content Provider. Read this guide on web hosting in China.

How Business Owners in Hong Kong Can Hire Foreigners with Fion Sen – GFA82

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When employing overseas talents, which working visa is the most appropriate? Employment Visa vs. Investment Visa, criteria to apply… of maybe get married for a dependent Visa, – episode 82 of global From Asia is where’ you’ll get some ideas! I’m riding a high today, was put in this past weekend’s People column of the Shenzhen Daily newspaper. A few … Read More

Experiences & Tips Finding Chinese Business Partners for Your E-Commerce Business with Russell Smith – GFA81

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Want more insights, especially positive ones, on finding Chinese business partners for your e-commerce business – welcome to Global From Asia episode number 81! Thanks for tuning in everyone, happy Tuesday morning today is a much longer than usual episode so I will get right into it – but first a message from my wife Wendy – her good friend … Read More