Chinese Law in International Business & Trading with Huiying Zhang

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Thank you everyone for tuning in – I’m recording today’s intro on July 4th here in China – I’m still a proud American- which can be hard without fireworks and campfires and barbecues like I remember back stateside!

i’m back in shenzhen after a couple weeks on the road in Chengdu and Shanghai, catching up w/ my fam. A really exciting update is I will be a Forbes China columnist covering entrepreneurs in China. I just found out while in Shanghai visiting their offices and am so pumped to setup some interviews and roll that out. Keep everyone updated there.

So enough of the news – this week we have Huiying, a Chinese lawyer who specialized in corporate law – which I know many listeners have been asking me how to properly setup contracts and deals with doing business with Chinese factories and trading companies. I got way more value than I was expecting and Huiying drops some huge education on me in the show – so valuable so definitely listen up

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Huiying Zhang
  • So you have both East and West culture and business experience – any preferences? haha
  • But I do think the legal system in China has been improving a lot since I have first been here in 2007. What is your feeling?
  • In previous interviews – some have complained about losing a lot of money buying from factories – and not getting much attention / help even when a contract has been signed…I know this is a tough situation – but any tips?
  • If the Western business doesn’t have a company in China – is a contract still helpful?
  • How about a Hong Kong Limited company – will that help for legal issues in Mainland china?
  • What is the “deal size” that makes it worth it – meaning – I had some issues in the past too and a lawyer here told me that it wasn’t worth doing anything as the order size was less than $100,000usd. If it is over that, then he said it is worth doing something.
  • Some examples of how a Western business has protected itself doing business in China?
  • Some… not so fun examples of Western businesses who made mistakes or … had bad luck, with their contracts in China.
  • Explain your services a bit – and can SMEs afford your rates? I know a lot of small business owners are always afraid lawyers may not be possible for them financially.
  • Ways people can contact you Huiying?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • Forbes China
  • Aberdeen Law School in UK
  • NPC – National People’s Congress – the group that makes the legislation and laws in China
  • Alibaba
  • Skype
  • Fapiao – Official tax receipt for sales (similar to US sales tax)
  • Levels of Court in China: (1) Primary Court – district level for smaller cases, (2) Intermediate Court, (3) Supreme Court
  • Huiying’s law firm in Shenzhen
  • Contacting Huiying by email – zhanghy @

Episode Length: 35:57

I’m so happy we got Huiying on the show – she really went above and beyond my expectations. And for her to share in English and she was a bit nervous so please thank her for me if you have the chance! I am a bit jealous of those listeners able to get these insights so directly – it took me years of making mistakes and losing out to learn it – and hopefully everyone can use this to their advantage to save and MAKE money doing international business.

I’m working on a conference summer for the spring, very early stage but if interested please let me know!

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