Singapore, Hong Kong, & Other Considerations for Global Business with Edmund John

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Which is right – Hong Kong or Singapore? Prefer to read it as a blog post, we wrote up a guide on HK vs SG here.

Cooling down in South China – wife bought me a new light jacket and it’s the proper daddy feeling. CAn’t believe it’s 2 months away to baby #2! Being a parent has been such an amazing journey, highly recommended!

Just need to keep pushing, I have finally opened a proper office in Hong Kong and will be spending a few days a week there – keeping the family in China for now and in Hong Kong Mondays to Wednesdays. I’m going to host a small meetup at my office on Tuesday night November 24th from 7pm to 9pm – will do a live podcast interview and also get to know some others in town. For details check out

K enough of the soft stuff, this week’s show we have a good one – comparing Singapore to Hong Kong, as well as other options for where to setup your international business. Edmund John is a wealth of knowledge on international incorporations and a friend of mine for years. We dive right into the interview so I’ll read off his bio here then we’ll get into the show

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Edmund

    Edmund helps entrepreneurs set up companies and bank accounts. As a registered agent and professional intermediary in several jurisdictions – he develops apps to help entrepreneurs compare options for incorporation and residency. His work at the intersection of law and technology can be found at Incorporations.IO, Passports.IO and

  • Singapore + Hong Kong, in Asia

    The top 2 choices for Asia incorporation – Hong Kong and Singapore – why is that?

  • Company Ownership

    Company Ownership – can it be fully foreign owned?

  • Company Secretary + Directors

    Company secretary / director situation in Hong Kong and Singapore. Whats a secretary, whats a director, and what are the costs?

  • Annual Filing

    What are the annual filing requirements?

  • Banking Options & Environment

    What is it like for banking in Singapore? Comparing it to Hong Kong, and the trends over the years.

  • Offshore Companies

    Banking situation for offshore companies in HK and Singapore

  • Raising Capital, Investment

    How is the VC scene in Singapore. How does it compare to Hong Kong.

  • Residency

    Foreigner’s Residence situation in HK and Singapore – passport, residency.

  • Quality of Life

    How about living. Enjoying life. Pollution, etc.

  • Tips for Deciding Where to go?

    Tips for those stuck deciding where to setup?

  • Contacting Edmund

    Ways people can reach you online.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • Edmund’s blog Flag Theory
  • Rise Conference
  • Global From Asia Office Opening Party – Tues Nov 24, 7pm in HK

Episode Length 40:29

Thanks Edmund for coming on and sharing! I learned quite a few new things about Singapore and certain programs there.

So that is all for this week’s show – if you enjoy these podcasts, I’d really love a review on iTunes – you can go ahead and do that by going to and there is a tab for “Ratings and Reviews” – if you’re signed into your Apple account you can leave a rating and review.

If you’re locally in the Hong Kong area on Tuesday Nov 24th, I’d love to meet you! 7pm at my office in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) kowloon. For all the details and to RSVP go to It will be a fun night to remember!

See you all next time, thanks again for listening!

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