Overview of Getting Job Placement in Hong Kong with Justin Leung

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Thanks for tuning in again, I’m recording this after taking a midday hike in Nanshan Mountain – in late July. I wanted to clear my head a bit and get some sun – but that was a bad idea – got a little dizzy towards the top and luckily I could grab a gatorade from a vendor on the mountain (yes, in China they have vendors – with humans inside, on the tops of mountains!)

I am just loving hearing from listeners – we had Jack find our podcast from his search on Stripe merchant account being in Hong Kong (episode 26) and he gave me an idea to reach out to Payment wall merchant account for a future episode. And I hope to catch up with him for a coffee (well I’m lowering my coffee so most likely a tea!) when he comes over to Hong Kong or Shenzhen from Taiwan in the next few months about his newest venture! Thanks again for listening Jack!

I’m energized and excited for this week’s episode – a ton of readers reach out to me about how to get a job in China and Asia. So I asked Justin Leung from Ambition Recruiting services in Hong Kong to give us some insights and overview about how people not living in Asia can start their job search. Let’s listen in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Justin Leung and Ambition Recruiting Services company in Hong Kong
  • The last 5 years, what trends have you seen in hiring in Asia?
  • Many listeners are from the West, such as America, Europe, and South America- wanting to come to Asia to start their careers, what do you suggest they do to start and succeed at this?
  • How much can they do remotely from their home country before having to make the jump to Asia and seeing what they can find?
  • What industries seem hottest?
  • Hottest for Westerners?
  • Which countries seem to have the biggest demand from the company side?
  • How about on the demand of those looking to be placed – share any insights?
  • Listeners today interested in hiring or in getting placed, what can your company offer?
  • If you had 1 tip for a listener at home in America right now wanting to get over to Asia, what would you advise them?
  • Ways people can reach out and contact you?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 16:13

Thanks Justin – I hope this inspires some people listening begging to get over to Asia to take some more active steps and do it! But as Justin says, to find the right opportunity you may have to just come out here and meet people – visit companies, network to really find the right one. But it doesn’t hurt to do some contacting and legwork while at home too.

I have to say, in life – those who actively make moves, every single day, are the ones who have a chance at reaching their goals and achieving their dreams. Sure there are some big wins that are critical, but I still believe that it takes a consistent mindset to write down what you want, and each day work towards getting a little closer.

If you want the notes, we always put them on our website – this week is globalfromasia.com/episode43 and also remember I have that new fancy voicemail thingie you can try on globalfromasia.com/voicemail – but I will take any feedback I can get – email, coffee (well tea), tweets @michelini – I’m loving it!

See you next week

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