Introducing World’s First B2B Decentralized Business Network

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We are excited to announce that Global From Asia’s parent company Shadstone Limited has been an early adopter and believer in the decentralized web (dWeb).

What is dWeb? Internet on the Blockchain!

First, a quick crash on dWeb, aka decentralized internet where the domain name and the hosting are on the blockchain. There are developing technologies in the space and it is really heating up (with more and more web 2.0 platforms deplatforming users and communities)

The idea is, no one central company or node controls/owns/maintains the domain name or the hosting. They are distributed across nodes (think of computers or servers) around the world.

Compared to Web 2.0, the “cloud” era, where we upload all our files and data to Facebook, Google (photos, google cloud), Amazon (AWS, s3), Twitter username, Reddit. These are on servers and domains that they control. And their TOS (terms of service) basically gives them a right to kick you off and delete YOUR content (they call it their content I believe) from their platform.

What is exciting to us is NO ONE OWNS the dWeb. The user is in control of their data and their name (domain).

And the team here believes this is how the internet was meant to be. Just in the last 10 – 15 years it has become taken over by “mafia” of a few massive internet conglomerates.

What Is GFA 3.0 ?

We have secured the Handshake (HNS) TLD (top level domain) GFA/.

Each user in our community, starting with a small group of members in our GFAVIP membership, will get an SLD (domain name) on this .GFA domain extension.

Those who have a .gfa domain name will be associated with being part of the GFA cross border business social network.

Imagine a “loosely tied” Facebook or LinkedIn but each user has their own domain name.

Instead of the data and login being on a traditional DNS domain, the data and login are domains and hosting on the decentralized internet.

Very Early Stage, Alpha Stage

This is an extremely new technology and we are testing it with a handful of GFAVIP members for now.

Here’s an example:


This is Mike Michelini’s website on GFA. Here is his profile, links to his businesses, and way you can reach out to him and his business associates.

Yes, essentially like any website, for now, but under the hood.

This is a Handshake (HNS) domain name which is out of reach by ICANN and other bodies. There are no exuberant fees and we at Global From Asia can issue them as we see fit (without paying the $185,000 USD application fee and yearly $20,000 USD + fee). And, the DNS records are on the blockchain for this extension.

The hosting is on Sia (SC) Skynet. The files are uploaded to the (we made a video on our sister site on how that works). This means the files, images, and other information is distributed across computers/nodes/servers around the globe.

The Future of GFA 3.0 and dWeb

We believe the decentralized internet is the future.

And, we want to be early adopters and ambassadors of a free and open internet.

Global From Asia has been through a lot since starting in 2013 as a Hong Kong business podcast. With the world putting up walls and barriers instead of taking them down, we see the dWeb as a way to do global business. As a cross border business community, we see a future of free trade and information on this new internet.

Planning to focus more on this future internet, and slowly leaving behind the walled garden hell of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Good riddance !

Time for the internet the way I am sure its forefathers meant for it to be.

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