Announcing – A Member’s Club To Help Hong Kong Business Owners

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We need to bond together. It is overwhelming with the changes in international business. Many of us have signed up for the dream to run our businesses from our laptops anywhere – and there are some threats happening.

Others are living and working in Hong Kong and even still have been confronted with recent changes in policies and procedures.

If you have a Hong Kong company, are an owner and director – we know all too well the issues you are going through and want to make a “support group” for people like you and me.

Not Sure Where To Turn for Hong Kong Business Questions?

Recently we have offered the full service company setup and secretary services. But still, we get lots of questions and inquiries from people who already have their company setup and are already pretty satisfied with their current service provider.

And we also thought – hey, we want to help people – and we don’t need everyone in the industry to need to transfer their secretary over to us. There are different needs and requirements out there for business owners. Some like the fancy central office location and address, others could care less and don’t care if the location is a box behind a meat packing factory.

Our skill here at Global From Asia is providing access and a platform for people to do business in Hong Kong and Asia. It started as a podcast, moved to a blog, books, full service HK company packages, and now a member’s only site.

Get Member’s Only Discounts & Freebies

We have podcast guests, service providers, startups, and all kinds of companies that love what Global From Asia is and want to support it. They want to give exclusive discounts and freebies to our community.

Yet they need to limit the amount, or they also don’t want to have these discounts out there in the public online.

These discounts will start and grow inside the Global From Asia members community.

What are some of these discounts?

  • Office space in Hong Kong
  • Recruiting Services
  • Passport Visa Processing
  • Hosting packages in Hong Kong
  • Payment services (international payments)
  • Merchant account providers
  • And more!

Access To New Beta Released Products and Services

Similar to discounts – there are times when a company launches a new product or service. They don’t want everyone on the internet to see it just yet – but want a good group of qualified people to check it out and give feedback.

Oftentimes, we at Global From Asia get this first access and preferential lifetime access at low to free discounts. With a member’s area, we can extend these limited offers of new products and services to you guys too.

Yet keep in mind, you need to do your own due diligence – new products and services are that – NEW. You should be comfortable with it before changing over your business systems to it.

Sharing Information We Simply Can’t Put On Our Public Blog

Think you understand – as the international business environment gets more complex – and “political” – we simply can’t go out on the blog and “put it out there”. There have already been cases which causes some friction in our business here.

But this information needs to be shared with the right people. We need to help those who need to hear it. It just drives us crazy to hold this information back.

And we also want them to be more comfortable to share their questions and concerns. Our blog posts often get emails to our support team, rather than a public comment. Why is this? Because they don’t want everyone on the internet to see their questions and concerns.

So by creating this members only forum, members can share their personal situations a bit more intimately – while also getting good feedback and support from others in similar situations.

So this private forum will also help both our internal team as well as members be more open about certain events in business in Hong Kong and Asia.

We will also put forms and documents that will help people understand more clearly the banking procedures and other government filing documents – in an easy to use and clear directory format – with the ability to leave comments and read other people’s comments on what each of these things mean.

Members Will Go Through An Application Process

We want to make sure we are building a community of people who are qualified. That is what will make this succeed. While it may lower the number of members and the volume of messages – we are picking quality over quantity.

What is the application process entail?

* We want to accept people who already have a Hong Kong company. We will look up their company in the government systems and ensure they are the owner and director of the business.

* At least some experience to “international” and actively pursuing the business – we are open to “beginners” to the international game, but at least want to see they have made some efforts in growing their business. Show us that you have your product or service online and some sales coming in. Doesn’t have to be to your Asia based business, you may still be using your company overseas as you’re new to the international business game.

* Our clients in HKVIP – we are adding our HKVIP clients to this member’s forum. These business owners have a ton of experience doing business in places around the world – from Kickstarter to Amazon e-commerce sellers to information-based online businesses. These guys will be great people to meet.

* Interview – We want to talk to you and know you a bit before. Why do you want to be a member? What are you planning to contribute, what do you plan to get?

This process adds extra roadblocks – but we believe that this will make the membership club that much more valuable and engaging.

Ready to Get Started? We Welcome You To Apply!

Are you excited? Maybe you’re super stressed in your international business and can’t wait to connect to others just like you!

This is our first announcement on the blog – so please if you have questions, feedback, or concerns – contact us and we’ll let you know!

So What’s The Offer?

Sure, we have to charge for this. Our team will work hard on moderating the forum, creating offers and deals for members, and keeping the community moving forward.

We have a special offer – limited time – that we can’t put publicly on the blog post here. When you apply, we will send you the offer.

We’re not trying to be tricky, but this first group of people will have the best offer and we don’t want this price to be too public for search engines and future members!

Another way to get in, is we are currently bundling this as part of our HKVIP transfer package. So if you move your company secretary and address to our service, you’ll also be added to the membership site! Fair deal!?

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