GFA Rise Meetup 2018 Recap: Running an Amazon FBA Business from Asia

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We had some great speakers at our second annual Rise Conference Global From Asia meetup. This is a great chance to bring together other cross border ecommerce enthusiasts who are in town for the massive Rise Conference and having a quaint meetup with Amazon FBA and ecommerce enthusiasts is always a good time to focus down to those in the industry.

Big thanks to our co-organizers Nick Bartlett and Attila Csayni  as well as the Paperclip HK coworking space in Sheung Wan for hosting us at their venue.

Here is a lineup of the speakers and event details:

Topic: Amazon FBA, eCommerce and Future with Blockchain

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Panel Speaker:

  1. Chris Davey, Founder of FBA4U
  2. Chris Rawlings, CEO Judo Launch and 7 figure seller
  3. Nick, Top Chinese Seller
  4. Alessandro Gadotti, Founder and CEO of Zwoop
  5. Henque Centieiro, Blockchain Project Manager @ Zwoop


Papercliphk, 3/F, Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island

Organizers: Nick Bartlett & Attila Csanyi

And here are the topics that were discussed:

(The Pre-Amazon FBA world)

When did you first get involved in ecommerce? What was it like then?  

(Ask audience) / Poll

Who here is an ecommerce seller?

Who is selling on Amazon FBA

Who is selling on website, ?


Challenges of Amazon FBA now

Is it saturated? Is it too late for newbies to get in?

Launch strategies

How to get a new product into Amazon

US market, EU Market, where to go now?

Australia what markets are hot

(For Nick Di) What is the environment for Chinese amazon sellers now?

How have you (and the Chinese seller market) adapted over the years on amazon FBA

(Poll audience)

Who is selling in which markets –

USA market

China market

EU market

Australia Market

Southeast Asia market

What are upcoming markets for Amazon FBA?

Bunch talking about Australia

Selling outside of Amazon – worth it?

Shopify store

Best paid channel – Amazon PPC, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords?

How to know where to spend your marketing money.

Any tricks for getting 5 star reviews now?

The Amazon game is all about reviews

Now – let’s talk about the future *** I suggest inviting up the 2 blockchain guys up now Maybe even switch some panelists to sit down in audience chairs ***

(Ask audience / poll)

Who knows what blockchain is?

Blockchain and E-commerce

What is the connection

Different ways we can see blockchain applied to ecommerce business models

Amazon FBA  + Ecommerce + BLockchain

Friends or foes? Will Amazon FBA be disrupted by blockchain, or can it adapt to the business model?

*** Questions for all panelists (if they sat in audience – maybe they cane come back up again) **

Future for Third party sellers

Ebay sellers, amazon sellers, shopify sellers- entrepreneurs are the sellers, the SMEs. What is the future for these guys the audience)

How to stay ahead of the curve – blockchain?

What is a seller to do now? Wait? Jump on a new marketplace?

How to connect with panelists – panelists share their website, contact info, etc

Question and Answer from audience

Thank you!

Networking time.

GFA Rise Meetup – The Future of Amazon FBA, E-Commerce, and Blockchain

And here are some photos from the meetup

We look forward to next year’s Rise conference and hope to catch you at the GFA Rise meetup in 2019!

Read up more on what the Rise Conference Is Here 

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