Using Content to Build Your Business’s Brand Awareness In Asia with Barrett Bingley

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Happy Easter to everyone out there, hope the easter bunny gave you lots of treats in your Easter basket! I’m just wrapping up a jam packed weekend of Startup Weekend here in Shenzhen, China one of our most successful yet with over 140 participants right in the headquarters of Tencent internet company. Helping organize these events always inspires me to keep pushing and challenging myself in my own business endeavors – its just so full of energy!

So in today’s episode is a bit different style than most podcasts – we did it in front of a live audience! We recorded it at an event called “Pod To The People” at the Premium Sofa Club venue in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong on Saturday. I was able to get an amazing guest to come on the show, Barrett Bingley who is a master of B2B content strategies at The Economist in Hong Kong and he came on stage with me for the event, so here we go, let’s listen in

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Barrett Bingley
  • How to make content compelling
  • So how have you noticed content creation differences between “East and West”?
  • Best leveraging local and global content? Can content be used cross-border and cross-culture?
  • Walk through some case studies of companies using content to build brand awareness in:
  • Example case in Finance
  • Example case in tech
  • Example case in One other industry from the audience
  • The flow when creating exciting content.
  • Top piece of advice for a Western SME coming to Asia to build up their brand and content strategy?
  • How can listeners reach out to you?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • What’s a infographic
  • Content flow – find trends in your industry, make a survey, publish it, have an event, get others in industry to engage.
  • Contacting Barrett: barrettbingley @
  • Barrett on Twitter @BarrettHK

Episode Length: 37:06

Thank you Barrett, I really enjoyed this episode for my own Internet marketing knowledge and toolkit, especially the idea of finding trends in your industry, making a survey, publishing it, having an event, and getting leads and others in the industry to notice and engage with you. Extremely valuable!

So this Pod to the People event was a lot of fun for me – and I’m glad there are other podcasters out here in Hong Kong in various industries and categories. Thanks to Travis Jones for putting it together and hope to have them on a regular basis.

Til next week!

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