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Many people around the world are aspiring for the American Dream and are hoping to make them come true by applying for the DV Lottery. If they are qualified and won the lottery, they will have the opportunity to work and have a permanent residency in the US via a green card.

What is a DV Lottery?

The DV lottery is a great opportunity for individuals from different qualifying countries to grasp their dream green card and take advantage of a permanent residency in the US. Reading through the rest of article will teach you how the does diversity visa application work.

What does DV stand for?

DV lottery stands for Diversity Visa lottery and is developed to establish a plethora of divergence in US immigration. The DV lottery might be an absolute approach for eligibility and in acquiring a green card.  However, not all individuals will be given a chance to take advantage of all the assistance of having a stable residency provided by the US government. Even if you are eligible doesn’t mean that luck is already on your side because only a handful of applicants who participated in the lottery will be successful.

What Is The Difference Between a Green Card Lottery and a DV Lottery?

Actually, there is none, because Diversity Visa Lottery is more often known as Green Card Lottery. However, many of us are still confused about the difference between a DV Lottery and a Green Card Lottery.

Typically, a visa grants access to the US and can prompt a green card. The green card is evidence of Lawful Permanent Residency or LPR, meaning that the person is allowed to work and reside in the US without a multitude of probable cases of regulations.

Once the person has acquired an immigrant visa, he is granted the permission to enter the US shortly after receiving it. He now becomes a permanent constitutional citizen of the country possessing a green card after admission. We can say that the difference is in the status that the person has under the US law. Acquiring a visa and acquiring a status are not the same because getting the status follows inspection and admittance in the country.

What Qualifications Do I Need For The Application?

This year, the lottery is known as DV-2020 Lottery, and 2020 stands for the year of the accomplished applicants who could move in the US to work and live permanently in January of 2020. This will materialize after the applicants achieved a permanent citizen card in the lottery, presented their immigration documents, and engaged in an accomplished Embassy green card interview nearest to their area.

For an individual to qualify for the Green Card Lottery, he must be a local citizen of a certified country. For a person to be eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery, he must be an immigrant or national not native in the US and from a state with a small immigration percentage to the US. Applicants born in the countries with a high US percentage of immigration are exempted from the said program. They should also take notice that qualification is based on the country of birth and not on the country of nationality or present residence.

This year, natives from these following countries will be disregarded in accordance with the Green Card Lottery program: mainland Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland exempted), and Vietnam.

Residents from other countries are allowed to apply for a US Permanent Resident Card or simply green card if they can conform to this another requirement. If the applicant is born in one of the exempted countries for this year, they could still partake in the US Diversity Visa Lottery depending on their parents or spouse’s country of birth.

Applicants should have a qualifying education or work experience for entry to Green Card Lottery. For a foreign resident or national but not born in the US and must be born from an eligible country, should have completed a high school education equivalent to the 12-year course of both elementary and secondary education in the US.

It is not enough that the applicant passed the high school equivalency examination. It is allowable, though, if the education has been completed in less or more than 12 years, as long as it is equivalent to US High School education. Another option is the applicant had worked either as an Accountant, Agricultural Engineers, Boilermakers, Child, Family, and School Social Workers, Chefs and Head Cooks, Construction Carpenters, Electrical Engineers, and Elementary School Teachers (except Special Education) to name a few.

Where Are The Instructions? Can I Apply Online?

Qualified applicants need to submit their applications online at during the registration period. There is no charge when applying, and only winners will pay the Diversity Visa Lottery fee personally to the US Embassy on the day of the visa interview.

Upon registration, applicants need to print and save their confirmation code along with their special code for checking the status of their entry. The page should be taken care of since the Embassy has no way of replacing or retrieving the confirmation code.

Make Sure Photo Is Edited Correctly

When submitting your photos online, make sure that it is edited correctly. Otherwise, it will be a ground for disqualification.

  • The applicant’s face should appear 100% with both eyes and ears visible unless head coverings (hijab, hats, or turbans) are used for religious reasons.
  • The head’s photo height should be around 50% to 69% of the entire photo height.
  • Applicants must not wear sunglasses or any decorative accessories on the face.
  • Photos should be in 24 bits per pixel color with a minimum dimension of 600 x 600 and black and white are not accepted.      
  • The submitted photos should be in JPEG or JPG format.

Is There a Visa Bulletin Forum?

Yes, there is. Please, also note that visa bulletin looks backward which means that it specifies how long applicants on a certain category (Employment or Family) are anticipating for their visas and not the timeframe for those who are presently applying. You could also check DV Lottery forum on social media accounts such as Twitter.

What Is The DV Lottery Timeline?

The DV-2020 is the upcoming visa lottery in the US and is anticipated to provide 50,000 American visas for applicants who want to work and live in the US. These visas will be issued to qualified winners following their visa application process and eligibility under the rules and will pay $330 as visa processing fee. The website will be opened in the latter part of this year and will be closed in the same year. The application forms will be made available between 30 to 34 days. The results are expected to become obtainable by May of 2019.

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