6 Comments on “Why Merchant Accounts Are Hard To Get in Hong Kong with Jon from Paymentwall”

  1. EcommerceGuru

    While we started using paymentwall due to this post it has been anything but satisfying. I suggest businesses to look elsewhere for their services. 1. Their fees and pricing are extremely devious and bad rates. I.e. for bank transfers its almost always %6+. Then for credit cards you get about 10% fees after all the crap they add. They will never send you a clear pricing scheme like Adyen.
    2. Support is horrendous. Good luck getting a response from them in a timely manner. They are confusing and don’t make sense half the time.
    3. They hold your money until you ask for it many times. They never send money until after multiple tickets. They claim to send in local currency but that doesn’t work. Next they charge $40 wire fee too after their mistakes.

    All in all I would suggest not to use them unless you really can’t use Paypal.

    1. Michael Michelini

      hi EcommerceGuru

      So sorry to read this… Jon has moved onto a new company. As the podcast host of this show I feel horrible this company treated you this way. I am going to reach out to them and see if they can give me an official response…

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