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The Global From Asia team just made a cooperation with Shenzhen Party! The original and biggest English website, Shenzhen Party is a great resource for any and everything happening in the city of Shenzhen, China!

Organizing a local event for Global From Asia has been quite a shift from blogging and podcasting – so we need all the help we can get!

Shenzhen Party is the most popular and most followed English community site in the city, and has helped us reach a ton of new attendees for our summit. Looking forward to a long term cooperation.

Front Page Banner on Their Homepage!

We are so excited to login to Shenzhen Party’s website and see our Cross Border Summit banner right on the homepage. We made a deal where they will show it until the event on April 16!

Their site gets a ton of traffic, and good match for our potential attendees as our first annual conference is right here in Shenzhen!

They Will Also Have Their Wine & Cheese That Evening

Wonder if it is a coincidence and good luck or some strategic thinking – but their monthly Wine and Cheese event is going to be the same night as the Cross Border Summit!

I remember back in 2007 when I first came to Shenzhen everyone recommended I go to this Wine and Cheese club event to network and meet some high level business people.

Our audiences are a great match. The Cross Border Summit is targeting business professionals and many of them are a perfect match for attending the networking and wine event that evening.

Just so happens our summit ends at 6pm, and their wine and cheese starts at 7pm! We will now include their Wine and Cheese ticket as part of our VIP tickets, and general entry ticket holders can still buy tickets there – if there are still slots open!

Saturday April 16 will be a jam packed day with full day of speakers, panels, round tables, networking, and then a high class wine and cheese to end the evening!

About Shenzhen Party is a website keeping the community of Shenzhen, expat and Chinese informed of events and other happenings around the city. We provide a daily newsletter, event calendar, job search, apartment search, as well as other services.

I remember when I first came to Shenzhen in 2007 – this was the first website EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE, told me to go to. Specifically remember asking Mike Bellamy for help when I moved to Shenzhen in 2007, and he said check out his friend Brent’s website Shenzhen Party dot com.

Such a good tip!

Using their site – it is how I found many of my staff in the company, how I promoted a ton of small meetups and events, found cool events to go to. Thank you ShenzhenParty for your support over the years and I am so happy we are cooperating in this media cross-promotion for Global From Asia’s main yearly conference.

Thank You Shenzhen Party + Let’s All Thank Them Together!

We appreciate this deal. Being our first “offline” event coming outside of the blog and podcast – we couldn’t think of a better local partner to get the world out.

Please check out Shenzhen Party for their other events, news, jobs, classifieds, and other information about life and work in Shenzhen. Also consider going to their monthly Wine and Cheese club, especially bundling it with our Cross Border Summit on Saturday April 16!

Please note, we wrote this thank you blog post without the encouragement from Shenzhen Party – we are just writing it as a thank you and news announcement.

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