Global From Asia 2019 In Retrospect – The Wins and Lessons

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What does it mean when we say, “in retrospect”? A quick google search would return with the results, “in looking back; contemplating the past”. As we close this year, it is a very opportune time to look back at what was for Global From Asia in 2019. It wasn’t an easy ride but it sure was one that we will look back with pride.

It wasn’t the rollercoaster ride that others would commonly describe one, with ups and downs and loops and turns. It was more of a white water rafting kind of ride where one moment there’s calm then suddenly the currents turn vicious then you just paddle away as if you’re in a life and death situation. Going through that and completing the course, well, you can’t help but raise your paddles and say that was one hell of a ride! 2019 was a ride Global From Asia will always remember.

The Comeback

It was a brief hiatus – about 3 months. It’s not that long you would say. But those in the content creation industry would understand if we say, it was long enough. On March 20, 2019, we released our first podcast for the year to say, “And we are back!” It was just our very own Michael Michelini on the microphone without a guest. He let our avid listeners know what’s up with GFA, its ventures and future plans.

That podcast was a good run and it really did set the tone for a comeback that came with new things to look forward to and win. GFA also returned to social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram. Do check out our pages for updates.

Lesson: You will never get to see yourself win if you just stay down after a setback. Come back up and move forward.

Setting Our Footprints

Global From Asia was all over the world – figuratively and literally. Our team was in various shows and conferences like the Rise Conference in Hong Kong in July where the team got to meet different startups and experts. Some of them even guested on the GFA podcast.

In September, we found ourselves co-hosting the Business Networking Extravaganza with in Shenzhen. It was action-packed with a speed sharing format. Something new for a networking event.

We also had the opportunity to co-host with our long-time partner and friend, Neat HK, their Bangkok Entrepreneur Community Meetup. It was a pleasure to be part of Neat HK’s expansion. It was even more an honor to be part of their first event outside of Hong Kong.

The footprints don’t stop there. We were also at the MOX Accelerator held in Taipei, Taiwan. Then, just as we were preparing for the close of the year, we attended our very first Affiliate World Asia Conference and the Sellers World Conference in Bangkok.

All these were complemented by other smaller events that Global From Asia engaged in and joined. All in the name of networking and building a community.

The Trifecta Moment

Diving deep into the Q4, Global From Asia witnessed many more wins having experienced a trifecta moment towards the end of October. It was a 6-4-4 as we call it – 6-year anniversary of Global From Asia; 4th annual Cross Border Summit and the launching of the 4th book of Mike Michelini, E-commerce Gladiator.

Can you believe that it happened all in one week? It could be too much to handle but it was worth all that hard work.

Successful Cross Border Summit 2019

A major event that Global From Asia is a part of is the Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit held in Guangzhou, China. A brainchild of the founder, Mike Michelini, the CBS has become more than just a platform where all global business enthusiasts gather. It has become a family.

It was a good idea to hold the summit in Guangzhou around the same time as the trade season. It was very well-attended and gathered well wishes from those who were there. You can look up those who left their testimonials on the event here.

And, we just have to say again, Congratulations to CBS 2019! Looking forward to 2020!

Major Breakthrough

There were many changes in Global From Asia and its partners. Does Sisitano and Alpha Rock Capital ring a bell? Sometime in August, our Mike Michelini, joined Alpha Rock Capital, the acquisitions firm as the Business Development person there. He’s also taking charge of content and other biz dev tasks.

Sisitano was merged into Alpha Rock Capital and well, we’re just excited to see it going greater heights. We had a special podcast episode with Marc Roca, founder of Alpha Rock Capital, as our guest. Here we talked about acquisitions particularly, Amazon FBA buyout. And, the acquisitions firm too was one of the sponsors of the CBS 2019.

In January 2020, Mike will be working closely with Alpha Rock Capital in Manila, Philippines. So expect a lot more coming out from this amazing partnership.

The Growing GFA Team

Towards the end of the year, we found ourselves full of opportunities that are so good to pass up. We added more people to support the core team. We now have website developers, sales and marketing people, social media ads experts and others. We will be rocking it hard in year 2020 and the team will do its best to give you the best too.

Thank you GFA family!

Looking back, we really could say it was tough but it was worthwhile. But, we couldn’t have done everything without you, our avid readers and listeners, the GFA VIP members, guests, partners, the whole community, our GFA family.

It is your unending support that keeps us going, for you deserve the best that this community can offer. We hope that you have gained some insights, vital lessons, tips and a whole new experience from our content just as much as we have from all of you. You are a part of our wins and lessons. For everything, we thank you!

A 20/20 Vision For 2020

As we enter another year, we are brainstorming how we can elevate the quality of the services we offer. The team too will go on a planning-cum-teambuilding session come March to further strengthen the bond that we will need to take GFA on another level.

It could be tougher with everything that we have on hand. But with the support that you have been giving us all these years, we know we can push past our limits and realize the goals we have set.

Year 2020, we are ready for you!

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