14 Comments on “Stripe Now in Singapore! Hong Kong Next?”

    1. Michael Michelini

      thanks Matt,
      Good share! I liked the story too – and it gives more hints HK is coming soon….. got about a month and a half to hit it in end of 2015!

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  3. Stephen Leung

    march 2016 and still not listed even private beta … :'( have to implement payment this week, braintree it is i guess…..

    1. Michael Michelini

      hi Stephen,
      Yes….I know … sigh! Atlas came out a couple weeks ago – but I am told…soon….from a few sources – i know how frustrating this is.

      1. Stephen Leung

        It doesn’t seem worthwhile to do the altas thing just to be able to use stripe though …

        I just implemented one-time payment with braintree (using MeteorJS) yesterday, working fine with sandbox now… not terrible at all with their drop-in UI. Need to implement subscriptions later. Wonder how that would’ve compared to stripe.

        No choice anyways at the moment … anyone has worked with both and know how they compare? Would it still be worthwhile to switch once I get used to braintrees API?

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