7 Comments on “Protect Your Amazon Account, Product Reviews Tips & Strategy with Jeff Cohen”

  1. Chris Davey

    Hey great podcast, Michael just keeps getting these great Amazon related people lately and I’m loving the knowledge bombs they are dropping, Jeff Cohen gave loads of great info there and for sure I’m planning to change to Feedback Genius when i get the time after all this Q4 bedlam that I’m going through at the moment, interesting listening to this after the change to the amazon terms of service yesterday (3rd October) and would love to hear Jeff come back and let us know his thoughts on this change after all the dust settles, really want one of them famous on Amazon t-shirts, hope you’ve got my size!

    1. Michael Michelini

      Thanks Chris! For sure we will get one your size man!

      The timing on this show was crazy – I schedule these a few weeks out and obviously had no idea the Amazon TOS would change the day of the podcast – insane!


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  4. Li

    That was great. Everyone act like crazy about new Amazon policy but it make sense for me now.

    1. Michael Michelini

      thanks Li – ya, Jeff is great speaker and did an amazing job on this podcast. Glad it calmed you down about the new Amazon policy – but that is why we need to think about long term brands. I’ll also put you in the raffle for the free t-shirt! -Mike

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