Optimizing PPC Campaign For Our Amazon FBA Business with Brent Zahradnik

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This edition of Global From Asia’s E-commerce Gladiator, show 43, we are recording in Bangkok, Thailand. Brent Zahradnik founder of AMZ Pathfinder, a PPC agency focused on Amazon Europe comes on the show with Mike and Marc. Another fun fact – Marc and Mike just met in person for the first time before the recording and this was done in person at Mike’s Airbnb “Studio”.

Ok enough of the behind the scenes, today’s show we have a mix of updates at Para Living / Sisitano as well as really amazing nuggets of knowledge from Brent, let’s tune in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Brent from AMZ PathFinder

  • Improving ACOS numbers

    Some before and after examples

  • Europe vs US market for PPC

    Some differences in prices and conversions

  • Europe vs US market In general for Amazon

    Differences in general between these markets as far as selling on Amazon FBA goes

  • Para Living Liquidating

    Marc shares about liquidating some of our stock and why

  • Minimum budget for PPC

    Brent discusses min budget he works with for clients and the thought process

  • Adwords vs Amazon PPC

    What are some differences and similarities between the two – especially with all the changes Amazon has been making.

  • Advanced Tactic for Brands

    Brent shares some insights on tactics that have been working well – if you’re more advanced

  • Gated keywords for Brands

    Marc discusses about some issues he has with gated keywords and Brent shares why it might be.

  • Buying an Amazon business vs Starting from Scratch

    Marc prefers buying existing businesses.

  • Target ASIN Keyword campaign

    Brent shares about targeting an ASIN.

  • Headline Search

    Brent talks about the new headline search.

  • Do we need Amazon PPC?

    Is it a requirement now, let’s discuss

  • Organic vs PPC as a percent of sales

    Brent shares some insights from the data he has been seeing working with many PPC clients.

  • 2014 vs now

    What are some of the differences Brent sees since he started doing Amazon in 2014. Is it still possible to get started today?

  • Dealing with Languages in Europe

    A last nugget of value we talk about how he deals with so many languages in his focused market of Europe

  • How people can connect w/ Brent

    Reach him at AMZpathfinder

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 35:41

There you have it – PPC is an essential for Amazon FBA – and many predict it to grow more and more like Google adwords and Google advertising in general. Thank you Brent for coming on the podcast- can you believe he hasn’t been on other podcasts!? We need to get him on again, a wealth of information for Amazon PPC and Europe – so stay tuned and I wish you the best with your business journey.

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