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Looking to setup a Hong Kong company and wondering who is the best agency to work with? While we hope you work with us – we also want to review the other top agencies we know in Hong Kong. Maybe you would prefer to work with them, and we may as well give you some good options to go to.

Bridges Executive Centre

Bridges has been in the business over ten years. With prime real estate locations in both Central and Admiralty, you have a great office location and top English customer support.

Jumpstart Company Services

This one was a service Chris Gormley and I told Dan Andrews at Tropical MBA about and he ended up mentioning them in a popular blog post about why you should setup your internet business in Hong Kong.

Jumpstart has been around for quite some time. They are doing big volumes of clients and mail and have standardized the mail receiving system with bar codes and email notifications.

Price is very reasonable and many people have used them in the past. They can help you a bit when you have questions, but it is more do it yourself service for the most part.

Startupr Corporate Services

Another one that has been around quite some time, they can do quite a bit of company setup services in various jurisdictions. But they are based in Hong Kong and focus on HK company setup for the most part (as far as I can see).

They break down each fee clearly and have each service itemized in their invoices.

Asia BS – Asia Business Services is one a few of our readers have gone to in the past. They have an online system where you can place your order for the company and streamline everything. They also work hard at putting the cost savings to you the customer.

Wingate Business Services

Wingate – you will receive flyers from them if you walk to the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre during trade show season. Or even if it isn’t trade show season they will have someone there on the bridge passing out flyers.

They have been in the HK agency game for decades. They have a business office in Central and in Wanchai, and have staff there to collect your mail. They also automate a lot of the mail systems and alert you when new mail comes in immediately.

Grand Consultancy Limited

We had Sunny Wong on the podcast a couple times in earlier shows. He’s a more “hands on” accountant with a single office in Yaumatei, Kowloon district.

He, like many CPAs in Hong Kong, keep their operations at a low budget and with minimal staff. He does most of the work himself but has an assistant who is there for mail receiving, phones, and other support.

His price is lower than most. Yet some people who used his service and live outside of Hong Kong have trouble reaching him, he prefers face to face meetings. This is the issue with many local accountants in Hong Kong, they prefer offline and face to face meetings and are not good at managing their email inbox.

Us at Global From Asia

So while we didn’t start the full service company set up when we started the podcast – we have evolved to a full service agency. Through our parent company Shadstone Limited. We are targeting business owners who live outside of Hong Kong. So we set up systems to deal with a lot of incoming email and other online chats.

In addition to knowing how to deal with clients who don’t live in Hong Kong, we also understand their business models. We have worked in e-commerce and import /export for many years and know the ins and outs of the company operation, upkeep, and optimization.

So many clients choose us because we “have been in their shoes” and simplify terms and processes to just what they need to know.

Any Agencies I Am Missing?

I am probably missing quite a few Hong Kong company set up and upkeep agencies, as there is a plethora. But if you’re working with an agency and would like them listed – please contact us and let us know their information and your experience working with them.

And of course, if you’re a digital nomad, online business owner who wants to setup in Hong Kong, please consider using our services! Purchasing our HKVIP company setup package is the best way to support this blog and podcast, so thank you in advance for your patronage!

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