Funded on Kickstarter – 1st time to China, Crowdfunding tips w/ David & Jason from Spor Chargers

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Welcome to another Globalfromasia podcast – episode 48, just finished taking some baby photos of my son Miles
turned 100 days old this week and it is a milestone in Chinese culture. A quick couple announcements
I’m a little afraid to even mention
it publicly – but I am working on a book based on all the awesome experiences I have had
on this show – its going to be called “Hong Kong Supercharged: Resources you Need to Get
Started with a Hong Kong business” It is overloaded with value bombs on setting up a Hong Kong company online DIY to
merchant accounts, bank accounts, places to stay in HK. I am over 100 pages already and mentally exhausted.

And the mastermind, it is going to start today we have a groups of 7 amazing people and I’m so excited
to share each other’s businesses, what we’re working on and specifically around running them
from Asia and Hong Kong. I’ll keep you all posted on the developments there.

Ok, and now on for this week’s show. I hope everyone enjoyed Fion’s sharing on offshore BVI island
companies compared to domestic Hong Kong, this week I want to take a break from the corporate
stuff and meet a really interesting Kickstarter project, Spor Chargers, and the 2 team members I met
on their first trip to China to start sourcing and building their product after reaching their funding goal.

I had a lot of fun on this one – so hope you guys also enjoy and learn – let’s listen in

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Welcome to China – first time here? What are your thoughts?
  • Introduction of Spor Chargers, The Team
  • How was the idea formed?
  • How long until you listed on kickstarter?
  • How did you prepare for manufacturing
  • Open Source hardware, how are you trying to implement this?
  • How was the process on kickstarter
  • What are your future plans?
  • Advice for other hardware entrepreneurs working on listing in Kickstarter and going mass production
  • Emailing them – David @

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 36:40

Thanks Jason and David – you guys are really upbeat and determined with a great vision and
I am excited to see your progress. Really cool how this crowd funding has changed the world.
Seems Global From Asia is a mix of these kinds of crowdsourcing projects, and the more corporate
and financial banking stuff. I try to mix it up with case studies as well as interviewing service

Always want to hear from you guys. Next week I’m going to go into how to import into China a bit, well technically how to get USA government incentives to sell American goods abroad – and that isn’t
just for American citizens – anyone selling American goods internationally is entitled to get some
support from the US government. really interesting show and we have 2 awesome American
government reps on together so stay tuned next week

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