Uncle Gary Returns! Insights on Global Politics and Economy

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This week’s podcast, we have Uncle Gary back due to popular demand! He’s been excited when we were both interviewed in a Bloomberg podcast. He likes to share his perspectives, and he has a lot of them and they’re very unique. So I hope you enjoy today’s show which is more about insights on the economy and some very unique perspectives that I think might help listeners understand.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Welcome back Gary

    Back by popular demand! So many of you enjoyed the first interview “The Gutting of the American Blue Collar Worker” for the realness and perspective, and Gary enjoyed it so much, we brought him back

  • We were on Bloomberg!

    Clips from Gary and I were put into a podcast with Bloomberg

  • What Is Politics?

    Let’s define politics

  • The 1% Controlling The System

    How is the 1% of the wealthiest people controlling the world

  • Forming People’s Coalitions

    How can we stand up to the 1%?

  • Why are there only 2 political parties in America?

    The reasons why, and the insights.

  • Alternative Energy and Why things don’t enter US markets

    Why is USA stuck on oil? Gary talks about alternative energy concepts.

  • How can we improve / fix / what is the solution

    Gary gives some insights on what we can do.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 56:46

In our shows, we try to get people informed hopefully try to bring them together certain times for events and other ways. So thanks so much for sharing your insights Gary, it’s great to have you back on.

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