Overview of VR Creative Agencies in Hong Kong

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Virtual Reality or VR as it is famously called is a computer technology or immersive technology that is used to create a simulated environment. VR aims to immerse people in a simulated environment using the form of a real environment. It means that we can feel, see, and hear a near-reality setting.

The demand in VR is increasing because of several reasons.

First is, VR is a believable technology. The way we project the real-world to a simulated world makes it a sought-after technology that most businesses can benefit from. Second is, it also generates more opportunities for developers. The technology and accessories that go along with the immersive technology provide a great avenue for tech developers to show their ability and intelligence to create further innovations. Lastly, it engages our imagination to see things further. These are the reasons why VR is an effective technology to restructure the business sector.

Can VR reshape our future?

Yes, it will definitely reshape the future of technology and even business.

Virtual Reality is true to life. It gives us the capability to integrate mental and physical activities. It is an interactive technology.

VR and other forms of immersive technologies, like Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, will certainly become vital, and a necessary tool for many industries. It will take businesses to the next level. There will be more businesses or enterprises that will look for more efficient and innovative ways to compete.

The popularity of the mainstream VR headgears was introduced mainly for gaming and entertainment purposes. This was the primary objective of VR developers, to redefine these two industries. The same hype is not moving to other industry sectors.

Imagine the benefits it would give the business sector if these immersive technologies are put to use. The process will change every aspect of the world of business. Companies will have the ability to share their marketing strategies on a more highly technical level.

Customer service down to customer retention will be given a new horizon. It will also provide businesses the ability to advertise their products and services effectively. Imagine an ad that engages you, and makes you feel and think that you are actually the star of that ad. Unlike the traditional advertisements, integrating VR to advertisements will create a stronger top of the mind recall to potential customers.

How will VR change the Creative Agency Industry?

What do creative agencies offer to businesses? How can it help maximizing the profit of businesses?

Creative or Advertising Agency is a form of business that is dedicated to conceptualizing, planning, creating, promoting, and handling advertising, or marketing needs of particular clients. These companies are independent agencies that provide a third-party point-of-view on how to increase a client’s marketability. A lot of creative agencies use both traditional and more advanced technology to create these marketing, and branding strategies, or promotions. Again, the goal here is to increase the sales and revenue of a company.

As creative agencies integrate the VR Platform into their strategies, it will help reshape the business’ marketing outlook. Virtual reality will transform the creative agency business.

A lot of companies will definitely agree to the integration of VR and advertising. It is an excellent opportunity to connect their brand proposition and the customer’s buying interest. The consumers will be completely immersed in the ad content. It will filter possible distractions, getting the viewer’s 100% attention.

It gives the consumers the opportunity to get a better understanding of the carefully crafted message. The regular advertisements already communicate, but with VR, AR or MR integration, it delivers a more intense emotional and mental impact on the sales message. It will change the viewer’ perspective and even their behavior towards the advertisement.

The immersive technology integration will introduce a new way of getting the interest of the buying public. The creative aspect of building an effective ad campaign will be more intensified as it is elaborately integrated to a near-world perspective.

Hong Kong Virtual Reality Overview

How will the integration of VR and Creative Agencies impact Hong Kong’s business popularity?

We all know that Hong Kong is considered as the business hub of Asia and China. It is also dubbed as the intersection of Asia, which connects east and west, and the international haven for foreign businesses and still maintains its traditional roots.

Hong Kong is considered to be one of the world’s largest and growing business centers. It competes alongside other big players. There are a lot of multinational companies who are now setting up their headquarters in Hong Kong to serve neighboring countries in the South East Asia. This is due to the healthy and efficient regulations enforced by the local government to the corporations. The regulation includes taxation, which foreign companies find as reasonable. Big companies have positively accepted the laws that the Hong Kong government imposes. If it continues to be a company-friendly country, more and more businesses will consider Hong Kong on their expansion.

Hong Kong is home to digital marketing and creative agencies. It provides an array of wonderful opportunities for businesses to increase their profitability and wider market reach. At present, there are a lot of creative agencies that have flourished in Hong Kong.

One of the famous and leading creative agencies in Hong Kong that integrates the immersive technology in creating wonderful contents is Shadow Factory. The company offers a creative, high-quality, and story-driven content that uses immersive technology to all its clients. If you want your business to be one of those companies that integrate VR to their marketing campaigns, then the Shadow Factory is your go-to creative agency.

There are other key VR creative agencies in Hong Kong, check out this list for all our VR creative content needs.

Digisalad provides digital solutions and creative ideas for their clients. The company offers a wide-range of services, from user experience to digital strategies that use AR and VR technology.

Jump Willy is another creative agency that uses CGI Animation, VR and Motion Design.

IOIO Creative is your one-stop-shop agency that can use high performing technology on their creative solution for your business.

Creote Studio offers creative solutions and services in the areas of VR, AR, and 3D animation.

Cordex is another creative agency that uses VR, AR, and MR on their creative solutions.

Simage is an animation and media production outfit in Hong Kong that specializes in the high-end creation of your commercial needs.

There are are also other creative agencies that brought their business in Hong Kong. Now that VR is slowly invading the ad agency, it will surely open more doors of possibilities, and opportunities in Hong Kong. The authoritative voice of advertising helps creative agencies to look for better advancement in the field marketing and advertising.

There are now a lot of creative agencies in Hong Kong that is trying to integrate the immersive technology to the traditional advertising methods. One ad agency just recently announced that they are expanding their business in Asia, opening its doors in Hong Kong.

As we move to another year, we are assured that we will see more breakthroughs in the creative agency business as it integrates the Virtual Reality platform to enhance advertising campaigns. Hong Kong VR agencies will see a brighter horizon in the coming years.

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